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16 Jul KillingMyTime in Canada: Video

13 minutes of west coast goodness from a wide range of characters. Spoiler alert: There’s a footjam to candybar in here. That should be a good enough reason to watch.

“Aside from many epic road trips through North America over the past near 2 years, this is how I spent the rest of my time in Vancouver, Canada. Sadly, we left earlier than hoped due to [the] Corona[virus,] but still stoked to be able to piece this video together and to be able to get back to Australia safe. I am so grateful to of called this place home and to have made many new amazing friends for life. We will be back Vancouver.” – Adam Cox

Riders: Josh Zylstra, Nick Halisheff, Mitch Campbell, Spencer MacFarlane, Colton Ponto, Adam Cox, Jason Lea, Jason Petersen, Corey Walsh, Santiago Martinez, Blake Prins, and Beau Matthews.

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09 Apr 2015 Northern Embassy Stickers by Colton Ponto


2015 Northern Embassy stickers will be available in the coming days at BMX Gallery 4130 in Calgary, Atlantis in Vancouver and Joyride 150 in Markham, ON. Stop by one of these fine establishments for a couple stickers and show them some love! They are Rad! If you aren’t anywhere near one of these three locations, shoot us an email with your full address and a reason why we should send you some freebies (

Colton Ponto really came through with this awesome logo and we can’t thank him enough, BMXers are best kind!


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18 Feb Colton Ponto — Transition X Northern Embassy

“Defense Against the Spy”

Colton took a trip to Vancouver in the spring and broke his wrist there. After healing up was able to pull a few clips together in the fall for his Transition BMX Shop video. Thanks to his sponsor Transition BMX, for hooking it up!
Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta

Filming — Isaac Barnes & Jared Chilko
Edit — Colton Ponto

Song — “ABC City” by Holograms

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15 Aug Transition Team Promo 2014

“The majority of the team guys have been filming hard for various solo and full length projects, so getting footage for the Transition promo proved to be more difficult that expected. Everyone one the team is super close knit so when filming for this project it was all laid back, good vibes, and good times. That’s what it’s all about really.”

Riders: Jared Chilko, Sean Tiffen, Isaac Barnes, Riley Abramyk, Colton Ponto, Trucker Dan, Richard Harding
Filmed: Jared Chilko, Isaac Barnes, Chris Perrin, Andrew Shubert
Edited: Jared Chilko

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18 Mar Sunny Day Girl

Andrew Schubert knows what’s up. I’m always stoked on anything he films/ edits. Here we have Andrew Schubert, Darcy Peters, Aaron Cheng, Sam Jepson, and Colton Ponto on a recent trip from Calgary to San Diego. Thanks to Isaac Barnes for linking this up!

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29 Nov Meth Mangler Mix

“Filmed mainly in Edmonton, and Calgary with a couple BC clips thrown in. There was no real direction while filming for this, just clipping on any regular session with the homies. There are some old clips, and some new that I just thought fit in place. Thanks to John Alden, James Van De Kamp, Richard Gallant, Mike Orita, Jaumell Campbell, Trucker Dan, Colton Ponto, Darcy Peters, Andrew Schubert, Jake Montgomery, Eric Marshall, Cory Beal, Andrew White Jeremy Bischler, Ryan Spracklin, Sam Jepson, Nick Lemont, and Matthew Walser for the good times, and thanks to the Embassy for hosting the edit.”
– Isaac Barnes

It hasn’t been easy holding onto this edit all week. So pumped on this! Huge thanks to Isaac for hooking this up. There’s a bunch of rad Canadian riders in this edit mixed with good tunes, good filming, and good editing.

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