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23 Oct TBT – Hoby Gumbler

As good as it is, the web is a black hole, where great edits can be forgotten in days. Every Thursday we’ll be featuring an edit that is/was rad and deserves more shine time. Starting with Vancouver’s Chris Smith and this beauty from 2010, filmed by Surrey Steve. Chris is a legend to say the least, I can’t think of too many guys who have been a part of the Vancouver scene longer than he has. Chris’ riding has always been fast, dialed and super fun to watch. HEVIL

If you have an edit in mind that you feel should be posted up under our TBT, send it via the contact & submissions page.

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20 Sep Dave Butler – 1080p

Dave has been cruising around the Vancouver, riding with the homies, and stacking clips with his phone. It appears Dave has traded in his potato, for a phone that films some crispy HD! Featuring: Dave himself, Andy McGrath, Jordan Hango, Cory Walsh, James Van De Kamp, Shelby Hare, Jordan Fair, Amos Franke, Chris Smith, Dave Laliberte, Andrew Schubert, Zach Rampen, Randy Moffat, Nik Muryn, and Cary Lorenz. Check it out!

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28 May Friends… and such – Braeden Barnard

Another gem from Braeden.

“CLICK 720p. Its hard to carbon date dust. Emptied my old camera and put this together while my leg is broken. Good friends all around. Some of this has already been in the heavy hitter videos but I don’t think they would mind seeing alternate angles. Ride a BMX.

Riders (in order of appearance): Travis McLelland, Cory Amisano, Andy Roode, Mick Bayzand, Corey Clarke, Taylor Ross, Brent Webb, Cam MacCallum, Ben MacPherson, Carl Arnett, Nick Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Matt Thomas, Ronnie Nickerson, Dylan Cameron, Jordan Hango, Dave Lalibert√©, Jeff Evans, Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Jason Vawter, Lucas Lundy, Jason Enns, Jeff Kemp, James Chevy1500, Ryan Hiebert.”
– Braeden Barnard

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24 Jan HEVIL


Rob Parsons

Intro: Aaron Gates, Interview: Mat Ridgeway, Photos: Ken Paul

Hevil has had many associations over the years – Chris Smith’s artwork, wild party stories, “that guy who KO’d Alex Chalmers”. It’s a name that defines a generation of Vancouver badasses, and their video is one of the most anticipated things we thought we’d never see. The Hevil video that will premiere tomorrow night at the Astoria is a collection of footage from 2004-2008. It includes the guys who most would associate with the original crew, along with some of the predominant Canadian riders of that time. If you’re reading this from Vancouver, you’re probably already going.
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10 Jan Chris Smith & Rob Parsons in Crazy Shit 3 + Hevil Premiere Flyer

This is as awesome as awesome gets, Surrey Steve just posted up this legendary part of Chris Smith and Rob Parsons from crazy shit 3 in the Hevil Premiere event on facebook. Chris and Rob are legendary Canadian shredders and this edit shows just that, killing shit for so long now and still shredding today. Check back soon for a feature on the Hevil dvd and mark your calendar for the Canadian Hevil premiere on Jan. 25th at the Astoria in Vancouver.


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24 Oct Truck Barns Hevil edit

This is dope, Chris Smith aka Truck Barns killin it for Hevil, filmed by Surrey Steve. Although the whole story kinda comes apart at the end there, out of nowhere there’s this lone dancer who appears to be injured… it’s a disturbing image.

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