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19 Sep D-Structure Block Party

In July Ten Pack swung by D-Structure shop in Ste-Julie, Quebec with Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Chris Silva and Jordane Dubois for their annual Block Party Jam. Phil and everyone at D-Structure put on a dope parking lot jam.

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06 Sep Ten Pack Ottawa/Montreal Weekend

I will disclose that I was on this trip and did the bulk of the filming (aim your comments about shakey camera work towards me), but will say that the few days we spent on the road were extremely productive, frustrating, and fun. We were constantly avoiding the rain, spent a day at a shop jam at D-Structure (that video is coming soon), and spent just about an entire day at the hospital after Dillon Lloyd crashed hard on what was the scariest attempt that I have ever witnessed. Despite all of that, our crew of Greg Henry, Chris Silva, and Chijioke Okafo were incredibly motivated to ride just about anything and I had a blast cruising around Montreal again and showing spots in my hometown (Ottawa). We drove, we searched, we rode, we partied, and we swam. Everything that a good trip should have. You can find a few photos from the trip here too.

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16 Jun Dufferin Grove by Justin Browne

A few weeks ago I was at what is arguably one of the worst, but my favourite, skate parks in Toronto and it seemed like everyone that is local to there was out riding. Then Brandon Webster and Mike Gray showed up with Justin Browne and the camera came out. Justin Browne put together this solid short edit with Webster, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, and Chris Cadot. You can also check out the video with Chijo we did at the same park here, and look for something we are working on based on Duff Grove later this summer. If you are near the park (Dufferin Street, just south of Bloor) look for a new ramp we will be donating there next week.

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04 Jun Let It Rain – Toronto

Chris Silva sent in this short video filmed and edited by Peter Almeida from a session this past weekend in an effort to avoid the rain in Toronto. Chris Silva, Chijioke Okafo, and George Carijutan all get down in this.

“Rainy day, so we decided to meet up and build some ramps out of skids and plywood what was laying around a local covered spot. A hammer and a few nails made for a fun afternoon.”

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