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06 Aug Any Means Necessary – MACNEIL

Here’s a few reasons you shit hit play and watch MacNeil’s Any Means Necessary, if you haven’t seen it already on DVD:
– NE’s own Zach Rampen edited the entire video and did an amazing job. Getting footage from many different filmers in an assortment of formats could not have made this an easy task for Zach.
– Chris Silva put his heart and soul into his part spending months searching and clipping up. Easily a NORA cup nominated part and Silva’s best section, which says alot. (Starts at 22:15)
– Classic Jaumell Campbell, Greg Flag and Sam Lowe footy

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30 Mar BMXFU – Meow Mix by Chris Cadot

Cadot has been putting in work for this mixtape over the past year and it came out so sick. “”Last summer we came up with the idea to make a mixtape “Meow Mix” to hold people over till Fu666 drops. Thanks to everyone who was involved, chipped in behind the camera and sent in clips. Watch it with your buddy pally’s, get swirly, light up a diggity dope stick, get black out drunk and re-watch it. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Fu666 out soon.”

Riders: Brad Hill, Jordan Krupa, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery, Trent Barker, Greg Henry, Shawn Swain, Paul Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Kenny Oliver, Charlie Crumlish, Jordan Dwan, Nick Dagg, Andrew White, Chris Orbell, Dave Wininger, Glen Hoerdt, Chijioke Okafo, Greg D’Amico, Spencer Longo, Jack Leonard, Chris Silva, Jeremy Deme, Gabe Truax, Spencer MacFarlane, Dave Raffa, Dakota Welbourn and Mark Hoerdt

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09 Mar Silva & Son MacNeil Vacation

Back in January, Chris Silva and his dad embarked on a month long road trip from Toronto to Miami all in an attempt to escape the harsh Canadian winter and bask in some Southern sun. Silva also wanted to check off some bucket list items of famous spots that he’s seen in videos throughout the years and was lucky enough to find some newer ones along the way.

They hit a ton of cities, but most notable were: Nashville, Tennessee; Athens, Georgia; Orlando, Miami and back up the coast to Jacksonville in Florida. High tailing it through the Carolinas they hit up the White House and Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.; gambled in Atlantic City and finally got to New York/New Jersey where Silva hit up the Animal warehouse for a quick sesh and did some site seeing in the Big Apple.

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05 Mar TBT – Chris Silva

With a buzz around Toronto’s X-Jam this weekend, what better time to post this TBT 2013 Animal edit of Chris Silva. Chris Silva is one of the esteemed judges at X-jam this year so be sure say hello and get your bribes in before your heats.

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29 Dec SETUPS – Chris Silva


When did you pick up this setup?
I was using my Nokia phone for a couple year and my girlfriend got a new iPhone5 so she gave me her old one. It’s a iPhone 4s. I’ve had it for just over a year now.

What is your favorite lens to use on it?
There’s only the fisheye right now, I use that here and there. I like to just shoot long lens most of the time, I noticed it comes out a lot more clear.

What do you think of the SD vs HD debate?
Both are great, I don’t really care much about what is better. HD is cool because it’s clear as it gets. I’ve always been so used to filming with the worst setups for ICC DVD’s; Hi8 cameras, 1chip mini DV cameras, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s better than not capturing something cool on film.

Does the camera/filmer make the shot or does the spot/rider?
Both. Having a great filmer is #1, but that’s a hard thing to come by in Toronto, haha. I’d rather have a great filmer and a shitty camera(or phone) than the other way around. Spots make everything, riders are a dime a dozen these days. If you don’t have good spots you have nothing in my opinion.

How long have you been filming/editing? Any advice for youngsters getting into it?
I got my first Hi8 camera around 2001 or so. I’ve always filmed my friends when I was younger but never really started to edit stuff till the ICC DVD’s around 2004, even then I wasn’t the main guy editing I was more of the producer cause I never had a proper computer or editing program back then. I think I started doing my own actual computer editing around 2008 when I started doing web edits and stuff. My advice would be to just have fun with it, do what you think is cool to you and if anyone tells you otherwise, don’t listen to them, haha.

When’s the next ICC dvd dropping?
That’s a good questions… we just dropped out 5th DVD this spring so I don’t think we’ll have another one out for a year or 2. We’re not doing anything crazy like our old DVD’s. It’s hard getting a bunch of 30 and a couple 40 year olds to film shit, haha, everyone has their own lives going on. But a new DVD will happen, we’re about half way there right now.

All three of the edits below were filmed on phones.

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23 Aug Chris Silva & Steve Moxley – 3Ride Ramp

You would not usually think an edit of two guys riding one quarter pipe would be all that interesting, but this is certainly an exception. If you take huge objection to the manual to nowhere 180 then maybe this isn’t for you, but the last few tricks (whip to lawnmower?!) in this short video with Chris Silva and Steve Moxley are pretty incredible and I think worthy of posting. Check out the two riding a big red quarter pipe out behind the 3Ride Toronto shop.

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08 Jul Chris Silva – ICC ‘Five To Ten’ Section

Chris Silva says he’s not getting any younger (he just entered level 3) and hates sitting on old footage, so he decided to upload his section from the latest ICC DVD that premiered just last month. This part is almost entirely full of cell phone footage, and look for plenty of tricks out of full pipes that you wouldn’t expect. You can go back and read out interview with him about this DVD here and pick up a copy of it on the ICC webstore for just $3.50.

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