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06 Mar TW 20 a G Mixtape

The anonymous group that goes by the name “TeamWeed” has just released a biking mixtape. This might be a good clue as to who’s behind this movement, but we’ll likely never know.

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23 Dec Metro Pass – Montreal: Dillon Lloyd, Corey Martinez, Chris Childs, Matt Nordstrom

A few of us were fortunate enough to see some of this madness in person! When Corey Martinez, Chris Childs, Matt Nordstrom and Dillon Lloyd session together for a few days, in an incredible city for spots (with Justin Hughes spot guiding), you get a banger edit. Highlights include Corey Martinez’ uprail to launch and hanger nose at the big o, pretty sure no one ever imagined that possible, Chris Childs gaping to hanger (and ice) which had never been done and his ridiculously huge wallride, Dill’s truck and uprail stuntery, essentially it’s 3:34 of highlights.

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