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DEATH BLOW! When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are but, for different reasons all together.

Making the best of a wet day in Toronto at Death Park, some of the FU crew put this together for us. Edited by the one and only Chris Cadot, staring Andrew White, Chijioke Okafo, Trent T-Bone Barker, and Chris Cadot.

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05 May Chris Cadot in the UK


BMX and traveling go hand in hand. Whether it’s a trip to a foreign city in search of new spots, an adventure to a new park you’ve never ridden before, or even a trip overseas to visit a loved one. It’s just one of the many amazing things about BMX. Hopefully Chris Cadot’s recent trip to the UK inspires you to take a trip soon.

“From March 31st – April 17th I managed to make the trip over the pond to visit my girlfriend Sam in Worcester, England. We were able to do a bit of traveling during my stay visiting Wales, Oxford, Ireland and London. Thanks again to my good buddy pally Scott Barker and Allana for letting me crash on their futon for a few days and to me mates for showing me around London. Here’s a few photos from many to recap a bit of my trip to the United Kingdom.”
– Chris Cadot

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27 Jan Ode To Duff Grove

In the middle of the city of Toronto, known for its street riding, lays Dufferin Grove Park, or Duff Grove as it is commonly known. Full with a community garden, bone fire pits, and a Thursday evening farmer’s market, it also contains a make shift wooden park that bike riders and skateboarders make the best of. Certain times of the season it may be in total disrepair, and other times it may seem like it is running smoothly. Made of mostly donated ramps (one of which is from us) and rails, the community pitches in where they can to keep this place going.

It’s not a glamorous spot by any means, but it is where you will often find riders looking for a mellow session without having to pedal far, hanging out with their friends without much concern. From locals to riders visiting from out of town that day, it’s our warm up spot, meet up spot, or just where we unwind after a work day. It’s probably the one spot I ride the most all summer long, and some evenings I would pull out my camera from my pocket and try to film a bit of what an average night there is like. Check out this short video of assorted stuff I filmed this past summer with Chijioke Okafo, Trent Barker, Chris Cadot, Greg Henry, Lee Dennis, Brandon Webster, and Chris Silva.

Filmed and edited by Prashant Gopal
Music: Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound

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12 Jan An Evening at Joyride with Chi and Chris

An evening at Joyride with Chijioke Okafo and Chris Cadot. We started filming at 7pm, with the hopes of getting 5 clips each, all was said and done by 9:50pm, with 10 minutes to spare before closing. Winter is what you make of it and although nothing beats riding outdoors with your buds, we’re fortunate to have places like Joyride in Canada to keep us occupied over the winter. Thanks to Chi and Chris for making this happen!

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Deme.

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28 Oct Chijo ‘N Cadot: Embassy 2013 Edit

Chijioke Okafo has had a busy summer. After recovering from knee surgery he put together a welcome back edit and interview with us in the spring, filmed for and made the semi finals in The Hunt video contest (winners announced November 7th), and put out a dope edit for Volume Bikes. Chris Cadot? What else is there to say but that he has been putting in that work behind and in front the lens all summer in Toronto. The pair have been going on filming missions the last few months and hit us up about putting out a split edit. We were stoked, and I feel like their riding styles are both contrasting and complimentary. Press play to check out what these two cats have gotten up to.

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16 Jun Dufferin Grove by Justin Browne

A few weeks ago I was at what is arguably one of the worst, but my favourite, skate parks in Toronto and it seemed like everyone that is local to there was out riding. Then Brandon Webster and Mike Gray showed up with Justin Browne and the camera came out. Justin Browne put together this solid short edit with Webster, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, and Chris Cadot. You can also check out the video with Chijo we did at the same park here, and look for something we are working on based on Duff Grove later this summer. If you are near the park (Dufferin Street, just south of Bloor) look for a new ramp we will be donating there next week.

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13 Apr BMXFU – Jake Mix

Jake Montgomery coming through with this dope mix of outdoor and indoor early spring shredding. Featuring most of the usual BMXFU suspects, this edit has a dope vibe and will make you even more stoked for an actual spring to hit.

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