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10 Feb 450 Salsbury: Buzzer #2

The friendly pals and kooks at Vancouver’s most “together” BMX house, 450 Salsbury, are back at it again. Jason Teet, Jordan Hango, Carl Arnett, and guest starring the wacky neighbour Matt Desson all put down moves for this new one by Riley McMaster (with the shaving cameo at the end).

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23 Dec Call It A Day – Riley McMaster

Wow! Well, I’m gonna call it a day after this one. Riley doesn’t always get a chance to shine in front of the camera but when he does he goes wild! One could say hes been on a “Filming Spree” as of late… Personally I have been waiting to see that last clip for a while, I still can’t believe he did it! While your at it go pick up a last minute Christmas gift at the Chilling Spree online store. Give the gift of chilling.

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16 Nov 450 Salsbury House by Chilling Spree

Another wacky one brought to you by Chilling Spree. I’ll let Riley explain it:

450 Salsbury is an anomaly in the typical BMX house paradigm. Everyone has steady jobs, dialed bikes and the carpets always clean. With Jordan Hango, Jason Teet, Carl Arnett and Jordan Ross calling it home, it has long been a meet up spot to start pedaling from. A place to chill on the alley side stoop, and watch the adventures of lost minded characters. Or get buck nutty when the fire starts to burn.
Fire up the grill and enjoy this quick sizzling mixtape.
Filmed by Jordan Hango & Riley McMaster
Edited by Riley McMaster
Music by Huell Howser

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21 Sep First Look: Manual Across America

Manual Across America from Chilling Spree on Vimeo.

Chilling Spree Presents a First Look for the Northern Embassy.

I have travelled back and forth across America on the regular for the past couple of years. Every trip is its own undertaking. With new destinations, routes, vessel, and agenda, each year is a completely different trek.
With all the driving, flying and even road biking across this glorious continent already ticked off the list. I really needed something big to one-up myself this summer. There was a lot of prep and training required for this leaned-back journey. I am proud of myself for making it this far…

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15 Jul Chilling Spree: No Tape Necessary

Here’s a new video of low-fi oddness from Riley McMaster. A mish mash of riding and all kinds of footage edited to a home recorded song. Watch it and mellow out man.

This is also a perfect time to mention that Riley is now a regular contributor to this site. Those of you that keep a close eye have probably already figured that out, but we are fans of Riley’s brand of writing, photography, videos, and the creative projects he releases in general, so it was a no-brainer to bring him on board. This just means more rad shit to share with everyone in the future. Welcome aboard!

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03 Jun Chilling Spree Mixtape

Riley McMaster premiered his new Chilling Spree edit, zine, and line of shirts over the weekend, and now he has put the video online. Check out his site CHILLING SPREE for photos and more, look for his new zine to be available soon, and watch the video above featuring Jason Teet, Luke Fulgham, Mike Carroll, Jesse Hildebrandt, Thomas Arden, Carl Arnett, Jordan Hango, and Riley McMaster.

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31 May Chilling Spree: Zine and Video Premiere – June 1st


This is one for all the readers in Vancouver to make it out to. Riley McMaster is throwing a zine and video premiere at Ride On Bike Shop (19th and Main) tomorrow night (June 1st) at 8:00pm. He’ll be releasing his newest zine, Chilling Spree, and premiering a new mix edit. All the details are below. Make it out and support this event.

Death of a Homeowner. Gnarwhale’s extinction. Chilling Spree prevails.

Finally finished my new 48 page full colour zine, CHILLING SPREE, with tales and photographic evidence of riding/tripping around North America with contributions from Chester Jones, Jordan Hango, Randi Oh, Carl Arnett.

Also going to premiere the new mix edit feature a whole bunch of the homies.

A bunch of new shirt designs will be dropping this night, so many freshly tied and dyed creations coming from my own hands.

BYOB. At the bikeshop.
Like we need another excuse to party at the bikeshop.

Zines and shirts will be on sale. Get peakin’

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