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31 Mar Catching Up – Chijioke Okafo

Photo: Aaron Jack (@sssnyuk)

If you’ve ever been to a wallride spot in the GTA, odds are that the highest tire marks belong to this dude. Chi’s been killing it forever and continuously pushes himself to learn new tricks and film new parts. The dude’s got a great eye for spots, and a selection of tricks that are completely unique to him. A few weeks ago, with the NE website re-launch on the horizon, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to hit Chijioke up and get the scoop on what he’s been up to. Read on to get caught up with one of Canada’s best…

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20 Nov Joel Fortin – 2019

Joel was out cruising all summer and put together this silky smooth video as a result. Guest clips from Dean & Chijioke are always a treat. Should be called “J-Gold 2019” not “J-Dust 2019”. Thanks to Merritt, OGCBMX, FTL, & Vans for keeping the the guy rolling!


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06 Mar TW 20 a G Mixtape

The anonymous group that goes by the name “TeamWeed” has just released a biking mixtape. This might be a good clue as to who’s behind this movement, but we’ll likely never know.

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