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29 Mar TBT – FU3

Man I love this video, Charlie just uploaded the full version of FU3 onto the BMXFU youtube and you should give it a watch if you haven’t in a while.

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22 Mar BMXFU – Super Price Choppers *In The Hood*

The squad is at it again, this time with some TF fire from the winter months. T-bone will x-up grind anything, GH will air it, Jake will 60/40 it, Krupa will bar it, Andrew will smith hard it, Chuck will fuf it and Lee will whip it.

“Ft. kyle the ginger, trent barkner, andrew white, charlie c, greg h, lee dennis the menace, rahlin rigsby, nick and justin dadbois skate squad, jake montgomery, jordan krupa” -Chuck

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06 Mar TW 20 a G Mixtape

The anonymous group that goes by the name “TeamWeed” has just released a biking mixtape. This might be a good clue as to who’s behind this movement, but we’ll likely never know.

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31 Aug Merritt in da 6ix

The Merritt team rolled through Toronto in July, in typical Merritt fashion. If Eli Taylor, Mike Brennan, Greg Henry, Chijioke Okafo, Joel Fortin, Brandon Begin, Charlie Crumlish and Justin Care aren’t reason enough to watch this, Ryan Navaz put this beauty together so hit play already.

“Merritt American team riders Brandon Begin, Charlie Crumlish and Justin Care hit the streets of Toronto with their Canadian buddies Greg Henry, Eli Taylor, Joel Fortin and ChijIoke Okafo. The crew of shit disturbers crushed spots all over the Greater Toronto Area and produced this bad ass video. Shout out to Toronto ex-mayor Rob Ford for his support! Ya don’t wanna miss this one, EH! ” Merritt

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30 Mar BMXFU – Meow Mix by Chris Cadot

Cadot has been putting in work for this mixtape over the past year and it came out so sick. “”Last summer we came up with the idea to make a mixtape “Meow Mix” to hold people over till Fu666 drops. Thanks to everyone who was involved, chipped in behind the camera and sent in clips. Watch it with your buddy pally’s, get swirly, light up a diggity dope stick, get black out drunk and re-watch it. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Fu666 out soon.”

Riders: Brad Hill, Jordan Krupa, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery, Trent Barker, Greg Henry, Shawn Swain, Paul Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Kenny Oliver, Charlie Crumlish, Jordan Dwan, Nick Dagg, Andrew White, Chris Orbell, Dave Wininger, Glen Hoerdt, Chijioke Okafo, Greg D’Amico, Spencer Longo, Jack Leonard, Chris Silva, Jeremy Deme, Gabe Truax, Spencer MacFarlane, Dave Raffa, Dakota Welbourn and Mark Hoerdt

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04 Nov Photo Friday: Jordan Krupa by Charlie Crumlish

It was Jordan Krupa’s birthday on Monday, so buy him a drink or ten next time you see him. Tomorow’s the world premiere of FU5: Guy Stuff. It gets started around 8PM at 4437 Queen Street in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Big thanks to Charlie Crumlish for hooking up this photo. Shout out to Charlie, Bobby and all the FU homies for putting in work for what is sure to be another dope DVD. Check back soon for a review of Guy Stuff.

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