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21 Jul It’s Winnipeg

If you’ve been to Winnipeg, you know it’s one of the best cities to be in, all around. Besides the weather being way too hot in the summer, and the winters making you want to kill yourself, the city is packed full of spots, skateparks, bars, girls, and all around fun. A Winnipeg local, Carl Prettyman, always carries around his ‘Bantercam’ (a flipcam) and films us out and about. This video gives you an idea of the Winnipeg scene. If you ever have the chance to get to Winnipeg, take it. If you need some more convincing, make sure you check out Carl’s Vimeo for the rest of the Bantercam series.

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Some FU homies came through Winnipeg for a weekend and these are all the scraps that we filmed at  the park. I threw together a little edit.

The boys killin it in this edit are: Glen, Paul, Mark Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Matt Jonsson, Cole Jonsson, Zane Mckinnon, Carl Prettyman, Matt Parrin, Dave Mcnabb, Marc St.hilaire, Wayne Hartman, and myself.

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24 May 6 clips with Carl Prettyman

Canadian immigrant, English man Carl Prettyman kills it for a little embassy edit, beside the rain, wind, and cold weather the day was fun. Lots more coming from this lad soon. stay tuned

Filmed and edited my Eric Marshall

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