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04 Jun Etnies/Timebomb 5 Clip Winner

This might be the corniest thing I’ve ever said/written in my entire life but honestly all 6 of these edits are winners. It was really tough to chose just one, each edit is so awesome in it’s own way. Read on to see 6 awesome videos, including the winning edit.
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02 Oct Wanna Giver Comp – Pro qualifying edit

On August 28th Zane Hudson/The city of Campbell River put on the 2nd annual Wanna Giver comp in Campbell River. Here’s an edit from Pro qualifying, which honestly seemed like a regular sesh for most of these guys. Featuring Jordan Hango, Carl Arnett, Taylor Leigh, Andrew Lazaruk, Greg Flag, Dillon Lloyd, Andy Mcgrath, Tanner Tother, Eli Unruh, and Jesse Hildebrant.

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