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29 Nov The Future Was Here Four Years Ago

We all know people are using more and more advanced cameras everyday. Whether it’s a Red, a Phantom, or a FS-“Whatever”, the thought of a 3D edit or DVD is on the horizon. To bad Canadians just have to do everything first. Riley McMaster put this test out Four years ago on the Gnarwhale site. Walkie-Talkies, Space Arms and 3D BMX edits how much more Canadian can you get? Featuring Andrew Gobbo, Carl Arnett and Riley himself

Chilling Spree – In Your Face 3D 2014?

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16 Nov 450 Salsbury House by Chilling Spree

Another wacky one brought to you by Chilling Spree. I’ll let Riley explain it:

450 Salsbury is an anomaly in the typical BMX house paradigm. Everyone has steady jobs, dialed bikes and the carpets always clean. With Jordan Hango, Jason Teet, Carl Arnett and Jordan Ross calling it home, it has long been a meet up spot to start pedaling from. A place to chill on the alley side stoop, and watch the adventures of lost minded characters. Or get buck nutty when the fire starts to burn.
Fire up the grill and enjoy this quick sizzling mixtape.
Filmed by Jordan Hango & Riley McMaster
Edited by Riley McMaster
Music by Huell Howser

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15 Jul Chilling Spree: No Tape Necessary

Here’s a new video of low-fi oddness from Riley McMaster. A mish mash of riding and all kinds of footage edited to a home recorded song. Watch it and mellow out man.

This is also a perfect time to mention that Riley is now a regular contributor to this site. Those of you that keep a close eye have probably already figured that out, but we are fans of Riley’s brand of writing, photography, videos, and the creative projects he releases in general, so it was a no-brainer to bring him on board. This just means more rad shit to share with everyone in the future. Welcome aboard!

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28 May Friends… and such – Braeden Barnard

Another gem from Braeden.

“CLICK 720p. Its hard to carbon date dust. Emptied my old camera and put this together while my leg is broken. Good friends all around. Some of this has already been in the heavy hitter videos but I don’t think they would mind seeing alternate angles. Ride a BMX.

Riders (in order of appearance): Travis McLelland, Cory Amisano, Andy Roode, Mick Bayzand, Corey Clarke, Taylor Ross, Brent Webb, Cam MacCallum, Ben MacPherson, Carl Arnett, Nick Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Matt Thomas, Ronnie Nickerson, Dylan Cameron, Jordan Hango, Dave Lalibert√©, Jeff Evans, Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Jason Vawter, Lucas Lundy, Jason Enns, Jeff Kemp, James Chevy1500, Ryan Hiebert.”
– Braeden Barnard

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20 Apr Re Post: The Big Baby Carl Arnett

With the speed that the internet moves it’s here today and gone tomorrow with most BMX videos. This was one of my favourite videos that we posted from all of last year and I think it deserves another watch. Check out the Big Baby Carl Arnett, filmed and edited by Riley McMaster.

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21 Aug Carl Arnett by Riley McMaster

This is sick!!!
“Hey buds you should check out this new Carl Arnett part I whipped together. Carl has always been killing it and this is the product of slowly filming clips over the last year. Mostly filmed around BC, with some clips from our week out in Minnesota. That curved wall to drop in Minneapolis was shot a couple of hours after our plane home had left. Who can keep track of what day flights are on when you’re having such a good time?”
– Riley McMaster

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