Carl Arnett

Carl Arnett – Welcome to Eclat

Carl Arnett is the kind of dude that you can’t not be stoked to see footage of. He has a timeless style, can ride everything well and has a smile on his face 99% of the time. Check out his welcome to Eclat edit filmed and edited wonderfully by Riley McMaster.

Butler’s Iphone Video

Dave Butler sent over this iphone video, featuring all of your favorite Vancouver area riders. There’s some pretty good Hastings action in here, and there’s a can can x-up on street.

Kyle Hirschkorn Gallery

Kyle Hirschkorn has been shooting photos and video in Vancouver under the “Life’s Hard” moniker over the past couple of years. Kyle has a knack for capturing awesome stuff, whether his subjects know it or not. Kyle was cool enough to share some insight on a few of his recent photos, including the above shot …

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Vancouver Deece

James Dean bringing some Vancouver Deece featuring: Amos Franke, Brandon Van Dulken, Thomas Arden, Carl Arnett, Ryan Hiebert and James Dean.