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16 Nov Manish x Lacribs – Valleyfield park

Growing up the Valleyfield park was one of the only skateparks around my town (20 minutes away). This past year V-field built a much needed new and improved park and it’s good, to the point MTL homies are making the 45 minute drive out to ride it.

The Manish X La Cribs homies prove that you can make a park edit interesting to watch with good filming, editing and of course good riding. Featuring: Arnaud Paquin, Lukas Adams, Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, Bruno Lessard, Kevin Ouimet, Max Mcdermott, Gabriel Duquette.

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18 Nov SETUPS – Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento


Current Setup?
My Camera is a sony a99 that I plug to a Sennheier MKE 400. For lenses I have a sigma 15mm fisheye, a sigma 50mm and a Rokinon 16mm wide angle. I use a glidecam hd-2000 for stabilization.After that I have my usual stuff that I always have in my bag and a Pentax k1000 for film pictures,

Who are your favorite riders to film with and what are a couple of projects you really enjoyed working on?
I’d have to say Etienne Charlebois and Joel Marchand. It’s always nice when you have a good relations between the filmer and the rider and with these to it was always a good time! I always have a good time filming. I get so stoked when the rider lands a trick! I enjoyed every project I worked on!

As a filmer who also shoots photos, do you ever have a tough time deciding what to shoot that day?
Not really… Usually I always decide if im shooting pictures or videos before paking my bag so I only stick with one or the other for the day.

With more and more riders wanting a photo and video footage of their tricks, do you ever wish you could do both at the same time? haha
Hell yeah man! It’s the worst when you have an idea for the filming and the picture at the same time and you can’t do both! haha

Any tips or advice you have for filmers getting into the game that you wish you knew when you were starting?
To really know how to set your camera (youtube is a good place to learn!) always shoot in raw format and always have fun!
And also get low and close! Use the fish at it’s full potential

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01 Sep MTL Street Jam 2014

Camilo wasted no time putting together this MTL Jam that went down on Saturday. Lots of good stuff in this (with stand out clips from Dillon Lloyd, Justin Hughes, Ryan Eles, Joel Fortin, Brad Blouin, Keven Rousseau and more), check it.

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08 Jul Premium in MTL/ Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento Pics

A bunch of the Montreal shredders were saying that the Premium team was in town a couple weeks back and here’s proof.


Here are a couple rad photos that MTL photographer Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento shot during the trip. Click here for more pics that Camilo shot during their trip along with a bunch of other gems. Camilo has really been killing it behind the lens as of late.


Lastly, props to the tour guides in cities across Canada who never get the glory, but are a small part of what makes our country as awesome as it is.

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30 Oct La Belle Province – Etienne Charlebois & Sebastien Babineau

Some heat coming from la belle province today starting with Montreal’s Etienne Charlebois. Etienne is constantly searching for new spots mtl and this edit is proof. Lots of unique stuff in here, you can tell Etienne has an eye for spots and different tricks than most. Filmed beautifully by Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, the shot at 2:46 is one of the nicest clips I’ve seen in a long time. (make sure to click HD)

Sebastien Babineau is a legend in Quebec, he’s been shredding for years now. Although the edit starts up a little slow, it quickly picks up with typical Babineau roof drops and lots more crazy shit.

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