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Embassy Oregon Part II: iPhoneography with Caleb Ruecker
iphoneography-caleb-crop Caleb Ruecker is a Northwest legend and all around awesome guy. He was a fresh face on this year's trip, and kept everyone laughing and smiling along the way. Caleb also had the "magic instagram" over that particular long weekend. Every time something cool would happen, Caleb would end up getting the perfect shot from his phone. For more of Caleb's photos from the trip, check out the #kingoftheroadtour hashtag. Below are some of his favorites.
Embassy Oregon Part I: Jason Vawter’s Photos

In July, 15 of us packed a bunch of cars up and took a trip deep into Oregon. We take a trip like this every year and make a point to go somewhere new each time. The trip featured veterans like Alaskan wildman David Clay and newcomers like Dave Butler...