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NE contributor, filmer, Halifax resident and all around badass Ian Fleming just hooked up this trailer for Business 2. If you weren’t hyped before (or if instagram keeps you too busy to watch real videos) this should get you hyped for April. This is what it’s all about and this is some of the best in the East doin it.

“Soon. We’ve been filming this since 2012, and after countless setbacks it’s finally wrapping up. A hell of a lot of work has gone into this. Full length featuring some of the best riders in the Maritimes. Dropping April 2017, follow @businessbmx to keep up.”

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28 Aug Business 2 trailer

Just when you thought your Friday couldn’t get any better, Business drops it’s trailer for their second full length. The dudes were recently in Montreal filming when Ian had his laptop stolen, and recently his camera equipment. Despite some bad luck, it’s pretty clear that the dudes are going in hard for this DVD. Can’t wait for it to drop!

“This is the trailer for our full length which we’ve been working hard on for 4 years. Featuring our large BMX scene in the maritimes, countless riders have put an incredible amount of work into this and the end product is showing.

Recently we’ve run into some bad luck and lost our editing software and a large amount of camera gear to theft. I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you to anyone that has donated, shared, liked, commented on the GoFundMe page that was made. With your help I’m able to get on my feet and continue/finish making this film of my friends. Thank you.” Ian Fleming

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20 Mar Business II Pre-Teaser

Here’s the right way to start your Thursday. The dudes from Business having been working on Business II for the past while, and it’s hard to believe this is a pre teaser because there’s a ton of crazy shit throughout! Can’t wait to see the DVD!

“Over the passed few months on Instagram, we’ve been uploading a clip for each rider who’s shaping up a full section for our next DVD (out in 2015).

This isn’t exactly a trailer, more of a compilation of these Instagram clips; left over clips from the crazy amount of footage we’ve been stacking towards the film (plus some extra shots and crashes). We wanted to put out a web video to let you guys know we’ve been working on something awesome since 2012. Filmed by Ian Fleming and Byron Kutchera

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