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19 Aug Badlands 4 Life

Newest edit from Brodie Gwilliam featuring Josh Franc, Brodie Gwilliam, Jack Lokken, Zarrek Mus, Braden “1st place in Amateur Shake the Lake 2013” Beck, Steve Kowalsky and Blairoids. This edit documents the B4L dudes making their way from Saskatchewan to Shake the Lake in Sylvan Lake, AB.

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26 Dec Bad 4 Life Video Out Now…. and on the News

When I saw that this had happened, my first thought was that they had re-created the set of CTV Morning LiveĀ and hired an actor. This would not be outside the capabilities of Brodie Gwilliam and team. The best part is when he fumbles the title of the video. It’s a great case “what is that word/can I say that on TV”.

Let’s Get Fistical is available now from Bad 4 Life, and it’s probably going to be awesome. I have a copy coming and will post a review when it gets here.

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25 May Throwback: Mitch Anderson 09

My biggest issue with web edits today is how quickly we can put them behind us. With hundreds of new edits every week, if not every day, it’s very easy to forget what we watched yesterday, last week, months or years ago. Throwback edits will be a way to bring back edits that deserve a second time to shine.

The above edit was the first Brodie Gwilliam made edit I ever saw, it was also at a time where DSLR video was just starting to hit bmx. The colors, depth of field and slo mo’s really stood out at the time, and still look sick today, plus Mitch Anderson shreds. Check out Mitch Anderson Fall 09 filmed and edited by Brodie Gwilliam. Straight out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

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