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19 Nov Special TBT – Kill BMX Vancouver

Today we are fortunate enough to feature a very special Throwback Thursday courtesy of Braeden Barnard.

” In the Early 2000’s, Vancouver was lucky enough to have some of the biggest pros and Darren Bolton behind the lens showcasing Vancouver’s scene. Tons of local spots that are still getting hit today were ridden and a few magazine covers in there.

KILL BMX was tagged all over the local parks when RDS was trying to have a hard image on the west coast. Bitching on the daily until truck barns K.O’d Chalmers and threw him in Hastings.

This video is the ABD reference manual around here”

Featuring Jay Miron, Dave Osato, Dustin Guenther, Rob Sigaty,  Darren Bolton, Ron Mercer, Dom Mach, Wade Nelson, Greg Nicholson, Rob Parsons, Luke Hurdle, Jason Enns, Jamie McIntosh, Darcy Saccucci, amongst other Canadian legends, this is truly the earliest of Canadian BMX in all it’s glory.

“Go Make your own video, support your own scene

Skatepark rules: -no bikes – no pegs  FUCK THAT” Kill BMX


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Tsawwassen BC’s Braeden Barnard is a dude who makes shit happen. Spending some time in Mexico last winter he build la Granja. If you’ve ever had some interest in quick-creting or building some tranny out of concrete, you’ll enjoy this video.

“Do It Yourself BMX project. Built and funded by BMX riders with curvature research. Designed for minimal cost and high re-usability. Steel box tubing is bent to the desired radius to create the perfect contact surface for ramp curvature. Two tubes strategically placed and re-used multiple times lays out flat faces. Fill in corners with radius trowel . Set the decks on and round out the tops. Pour in the Flat bottoms and you’re done.”

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28 May Friends… and such – Braeden Barnard

Another gem from Braeden.

“CLICK 720p. Its hard to carbon date dust. Emptied my old camera and put this together while my leg is broken. Good friends all around. Some of this has already been in the heavy hitter videos but I don’t think they would mind seeing alternate angles. Ride a BMX.

Riders (in order of appearance): Travis McLelland, Cory Amisano, Andy Roode, Mick Bayzand, Corey Clarke, Taylor Ross, Brent Webb, Cam MacCallum, Ben MacPherson, Carl Arnett, Nick Lindstrom, Chris Smith, Matt Thomas, Ronnie Nickerson, Dylan Cameron, Jordan Hango, Dave Laliberté, Jeff Evans, Mat Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Jason Vawter, Lucas Lundy, Jason Enns, Jeff Kemp, James Chevy1500, Ryan Hiebert.”
– Braeden Barnard

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26 Feb Dylan King – Shovelife

Braeden Barnard put together this awesome edit of Dylan King doing what he does best, riding and building trails. Like Braeden says “Hard work pays off with such amazing trails to ride“. There’s very few things that feel better than flowing through some trails. Come spring, go dig!

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18 Feb Woodyard Time Lapse

Here’s a sick timelapse that Braeden put together of Ron Mercer’s infamous Woodyard. If you haven’t had the chance to ride the woodyard yet, start making your plans for this spring/summer/fall and make it happen, you won’t be disappointed!

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