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The Make – Eye Sore 10

29 Jul The Make – Eye Sore 10

Orlando is back with another short edit for his proverbial bike company The Make. Short and sweet is how you can describe it, and nowhere else will you see a blend of UK riders like Tommy Curtain, Chicken, and Marv alongside west coast Canadians such as Jeff Evans, Brad Hill, Andrew Schubert, and Jordan Hango. Oh, and not to mention Rick Flair.

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World Deece Starting Roster V2

09 May World Deece Starting Roster V2

Following up the first World Deece starting Roster Mixtape is a tough act to follow but James Dean and fellow Vancouver shredders (Carl Arnett, Chance Campbell, Chris Henry, Drew Morton, Grat Cox, James Dean, Jordan Hango, Ky Brisebois, Mike Matsen, Orlando, Brad Hill, Regan Miller, Ryan Hiebert and Thomas Arden) have really killed it in this V2 mixtape. There’s a ton of rad stuff from the World Deece super pro team throughout so hit play already and get trippy.

Filmed and edited by James Dean, check out

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21 Feb Bobby’s Show – St. Catharines – March 8th


Our friend and regular contributor Brad Hill is set to have a solo photography show next month on March 8th starting at 8:00pm. It’ll be at the Niagara Artists Centre in St. Catharines, ON so if you are anywhere in the Southern Ontario area we recommend you come out. He has been living in BC for the majority of the last year and will be showing a variety of photographs of his west coast life, which will be available for purchase, as well as a photobook and some other items. Come out and support this event.

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24 Dec Union Press 4: R.I.P.


The fourth and final issue of Union Press is finally complete and now available. Those that aren’t familiar, Union Press is a Canadian BMX newspaper with photos, profiles, stories, and drawings by Brad Hill and Prashant Gopal (myself). After a few hiccups with printing, we’ve finally finished our latest issue, which will also be the last. We’ve put out four issues in the span of two years, and thousands upon thousands of copies in to the hands of riders all over the country. Putting together a paper of this size and scope is not an easy task, but it’s been an incredible learning process the whole time, and a small way to give back to a community and sport that has motivated and inspired us all these years, and all the publications and independent projects that have come before us. While it’s bittersweet to end a print project, shutting it down will allow us to concentrate more energy on our other projects (this website being one of them).

The issue will begin shipping January 2nd, 2014 and be available for free across Canada in better bike shops and is distributed by Ten Pack. Inside you will find a profile on Greg Henry’s Bridgespot, Mike Fiz’s favourite things in Montreal, a joke column from Greg Flag, and a whole lot more from various contributors such as Charlie Coombs, Zach Rampen, Luke Santucci, Charlie Crumlish, Matt Bosco, Riley McMaster, Trent Barker, and Dave Scott. On top of 4 broadsheets full of great photos and content, you’ll also get four fold out posters on the backside from MacNeil, Eclat, BMX Gallery 4130, and BMXFU.

For those that don’t have a reliable bike shop in close distance, or live outside of Canada, you can also order a copy from our online store, which will also come with one of three limited edition stickers. Check out some more photos from some of the spreads below, and look for copies in your local shop soon.


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17 Nov The Works of Brad Hill


One of the main creative forces behind the BMXFU empire is Niagra native Brad Hill. A recent west coast transplant, Brad has been compiling a selection of his work on his new site. Along with some of the videos he is well known for, the photographs posted are the real treasures. Brad shoots a lot of handsome medium format scenery shots, some striking riding photos, super chill lifestyle images, and stunning nature snaps. There’s a great variety of mediums and styles that makes his portfolio an outstanding glance.

Peep Brad’s work:

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MacNeil Island Getaway

01 Jul MacNeil Island Getaway

MacNeil‘s Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy, and Greg Flag took a trip to Vancouver Island last month, and Zach Rampen put together this edit of their time. Bikes, beers, camping, and hatchet throwing. Greg Flag even ends up in a bush. Check out the video above, then head over to their micro site for a gallery of great photos by Brad Hill.

island getaway

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