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11 Mar “Off The Grid”

BMX riders/Call of Duty experts Liam Regan and Dylan Leggett have been piecing together this mixtape for the last little while, and it came out awesome! Featuring Ben Kavanagh, Matt Comeau, Dylan Leggett, Dan Donaghy, Andrew Low, Jacob Carlos, Liam Regan and Cyrus C. 

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21 Jan Nocturnal V2

Some of Canada’s finest riders right now: Dillon Lloyd, Brandon Webster, Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray and Ben Kavanagh are featured in this Nocturnal V2 Joyride edit by Justen Soule.

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26 Jun Ben Kavanagh Edit

This edit says a few things: Ben is way too good for a 12 year old, there’s alot of young shredders in Canada right now, and Joyride 150 has made a huge impact on the Toronto/Ontario scene. Click play now and watch this 12 year old shred Joyride better than most.

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