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28 Dec Party Indoors

Ben Kaufmann with a long toothpick on a living room ramp.

It’s cold everywhere. You’re full to the brim with food and booze from the past week. Why not party indoors? I dug up this old photo of Ben Kaufmann from three years ago doing just that at the 39C House Jam in Ottawa. Take a trip down memory lane with a video from that party below by Rob Lando, and if you haven’t seen it before maybe it will inspire you to party indoors with your friends this winter.

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27 Oct Ben Kaufmann Selfies


I spotted this collection of Ben Kaufmann selfies online. No, not the horribly narcissistic self-portraits people take to upload to their social media platforms. Ben rigged a wireless radio transmitter normally used for flashes to his shutter to take self shot riding photos. You can find more photos on the Norco website and a better explanation below:

“I Attached the wireless flash transmitter to my helmet and with the use of a sky dive inspired bite switch. On the other end was a wireless flash receiver hooked into my camera to make an instant shutter release. I was able to tripod and capture my own photos with my teeth by biting down to capture the photos. It’s definitely challenging as I have to think about the trick and the photo timing at the same time. Pretty fun”
– Ben Kaufmann

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10 Apr Ben Kaufmann Dirt Edit

Check out this video of Norco‘s Ben Kaufmann laying down heavy moves at the Brose Farm dirt jumps. When you’re performing shows all the time like Ben you’re doing your hardest tricks three times a day on demand, so watching him let loose on some dirt jumps is a real treat.

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07 Jul New Max Vincent footage

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any new footage from one of Montreal’s finest, Max Vincent. The wait was worth it, check out the above edit for proof, put together by Ben Kaufmann.

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02 Aug Video Submission: Ben Kaufmann

Ben Kaufmann sent in the following video of his riding this summer so far in Kenora and Ottawa. Plenty of bangers and unique front brake tricks. He also sent in another video with Paul Hoerdt showcasing the classic bottle opener method for opening your beer with your wheel for any of you Tommy Texters that are not familiar with it. Check that one after the link.

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