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12 Nov Killemall at Texas Toast

Texas Toast brought a slew of Canadians way down south for their last chance of catching some UV rays for the year. Among the Canadian contingent was a bunch of the the Killemall distribution guys. Owen Dawson, Brandon Van Dulken and Dirty Dave made it down to cruise the streets, carve the vert ramp, and get a couple of runs on the course.

If you haven’t ever felt the need to go check out Austin yet, this is one more drop in the motivational bucket. Toast or not, Austin is dope.

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06 Feb Niagara to Austin By Brad Hill

1 skyline

Brad Hill recently took a trip down to Austin, TX with Jordan Krupa and Chris Cadot to do what every BMX rider in Canada does or wishes they could do in the winter, go somewhere warmer. He shot a bunch of photos on assorted cameras and sent through a recap of their trip. Read what he had to say about the Lone Star state and check out his photos below.

14 days in Austin, TX. The land of guns and big tittied blondes. Nah, actually our experience wasn’t like that at all, although we did see a couple seedy girls in the airport and dodged getting involved in a prostitution ring in this bar called Barbs on their gay night. We actually found ourselves in the city of Austin which felt like it had no retiring community and was just flooded with young people and barely touched spots. Even with the skyline the city has, Austin is actually built out and not up. It covers 770 square kilometers giving plenty of land to roam. I mean we’ve all seen tons of Texas spots in videos, but it’s kind of hard to really comprehend how much shit there is to ride there until you see it for yourself. I think the leeway of having 14 days there also gave us enough time to appreciate it and just enough time to miss home as well. Here’s some of the photos from the trip that haven’t been on the internet yet.
– Brad Hill

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