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22 Aug WolfMac BMX Jam

Nothing says rural Alberta like wheat fields and wooden ramps! Kyle Wachter and Sean McIntyre recently hosted a jam in central Alberta using the old Shake the Lake contest ramps. There are some impressive and creative moves in here. Don’t sleep on the Alberta scene. Appearances from┬áTyler Horness, Carson Donovan, Rojas Roy, Josh Vibe, Joe Weidman, Darcy Peters, Travis Kozie, Devin Szmata, Mark Stanway, Andrew MacLeod, Kyle Wachter, and Ted Bambrick. Edit by Andrew MacLeod.

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25 Sep System Bikes

A while ago I noticed a weird looking sprocket on Matt Ridgeway’s bike, very different from most. I’ve never seen a sprocket that used a half tooth sprocket system, two links between each tooth. Matt gave me some info on the sprocket and we got more info on it from Andrew Macleod, owner of System bmx.

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