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11 Jun Andrew Lazaruk in America

In Lazer’s own words:

This video came together by accident kind of. We had plans to go on one weekend trip to check out some new skateparks and brought a camera along to get a few clips/photos. I ended up seeing Aaron more frequently than planned after that and we were able to ride more and check out more new parks the next few times as well.

This ended up showcasing my favourite parts about BMX though, riding cement bowls and going on trips with good friends to ride and find new ones. We hadn’t been to the majority of these skateparks before, so just getting out somewhere new is always part of the enjoyment. Especially in the areas we went too, there was either an awesome ferry ride or scenic drive to get to the spot. We never set out to film crazy stuff, just happened to document some fun stuff at the amazing places we visited. Can’t wait for more trips like this!

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19 Nov Andrew Lazaruk Washington Concrete

Lazer Euro Beacon Hill

Andrew Lazaruk passed through Seattle this weekend on his annual journey to California. We took some time to finish up filming for an Embassy edit that’s been coming together for a while. We also went to Beacon Hill Skatepark and shot the photo that everyone takes there.

Lazer Tireslide Milton

Milton Skatepark is covered in pool coping and different variations of “no bikes” tags. One of the things I like about Washington parks is that the builders were never afraid to build unconventional and challenging setups – Milton is like that. The walls are steep and the park has many different transitions. Not all of the lines work, but figuring out how to ride the park is challenging and fun. This tire slide was in a particularly difficult spot, but Andrew is pretty good at figuring out lines.

Lazer 3x Judkins

Seattle skatepark builders are often guilty of building bmx parks. This step up hip out of the bowl at Judkins is a prime example. Here Lazer finishes off a sunny evening with a 360 x-up.

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21 Jul No Bikes 2014 – Eastern Oregon

group shot_resized
[Back]: Matt Desson, Aaron Gates, Donald (Dab King) Delp, Cary Lorenz, Delia Millsap, Tony Archibeque Jr., Slade Scherer, Jack Nicholl, Colin Fried, Jordan Thaden, Andy McGrath, Dave Butler, Carl (Pizza King) Arnett, Ty Scott, Tommy Joseph, Mat Ridgeway, [Front]: David Clay, Tony Piff.

Each year, my friends and I pack up a few vehicles and go explore a new part of America. This year, we packed two trucks, two cars and a minivan with 20 people and 19 bikes. The destination was Eastern Oregon, the fourth of July, and the heart of America.

Words – Aaron Gates. Photos – Tony Archibeque Jr. (unless otherwise noted)


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19 Dec Andrew Lazaruk Vancouver/Riverside Snowbird

This past summer Andrew Lazaruk made a few trips though Vancouver. While we were cruising around we managed to snap a few clips and always had a good time. Andrew has now made his yearly migration back to Riverside and will be shredding down there for the next few months. Fly snowbird fly!

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20 Aug Embassy Oregon Part I: Jason Vawter’s Photos


In July, 15 of us packed a bunch of cars up and took a trip deep into Oregon. We take a trip like this every year and make a point to go somewhere new each time. The trip featured veterans like Alaskan wildman David Clay and newcomers like Dave Butler and Caleb Ruecker (along with many names that you’ll recognize from this site over the years). We bombed hills, roasted magnesium in the campfire, hung out on the dunes, waited on the side of the highway with a broken down minivan and rode some of the weirdest and wildest skateparks the Northwest has to offer.

We’ve got a good amount of content coming from this trip, and up first is a gallery shot by Jason Vawter. Jason shot so many great photos that we’ve left them in a gallery on Flickr for easy viewing. Check the gallery out HERE.

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