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17 Nov Eye Sore 11 – Vancouver Hijack

It appears the 11th iteration of the critically acclaimed Eye Sore series has been hijacked. The newly formed, Vancouver based shop Atlantis, has risen above the tides and hit up the streets. These hard Haida pirates will hijack any tanker, tugboat, or dingy in the Georgia Straight. Look out!

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29 Apr Jib Jammin Okotoks by Andrew Schubert

Andrew Schubert put together this dope spring edit of him and his buddies shredding the Okotoks park. Featuring Andrew Schubert, John Alden, Teddy Eyob, Aaron Cheng, and Jay Park, filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert. Such a good vibe throughout, get stoked on spring!

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10 Apr Weekend In The Kootenays

“This past Easter long weekend was a perfect chance to kick off spring with a little road trip. Schubert, Darcy, and Isaac headed to the Kootenays with there friends, Sam Jepson, and Aaron Cheng. Good times were had, and they managed to whip up a little mix from the weekend.”

Filmed by Andrew Schubert and Isaac Barnes, edited by Andrew Schubert.

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18 Mar Sunny Day Girl

Andrew Schubert knows what’s up. I’m always stoked on anything he films/ edits. Here we have Andrew Schubert, Darcy Peters, Aaron Cheng, Sam Jepson, and Colton Ponto on a recent trip from Calgary to San Diego. Thanks to Isaac Barnes for linking this up!

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Andrew Schubert hooked up this dope edit of a trip him and a bunch of buddies took in an RV.

“6 friends, Darcy Peters, Andrew Schubert, Aaron Cheng, Matt Hodgson, Matt Walser, Josh Jean and Guests, Isaac Barnes, Sam Jepson, and James Van De Kamp, pack into a majestic RV and embark on a 10 day roadtrip from Calgary AB, to Vancouver BC and back. Hitting parks and spots along the way, and having a good time every where in between.”
Andrew Schubert

This is what BMX is all about right here!

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