8: I-90/Spokane

spokane gopro from no bikes on Vimeo.

We had a LOT of driving to do that day, if you look at a map Butte MT.to Vancouver BC is roughly, far as fuck. We stopped at the Idaho border to take another tourist photo. While standing beside the Idaho sign I by chance found a tin with a Geo Cache note inside, we all signed it and added a loonie to keep it Canadian. The v.w’s needed gas again and the closest place was this tiny tiny town right across the border. The shelves were half empty, the lights were off and the clerk used a calculator. We quickly fueled up so the locals behind us could fill up their atvs they drove to the station. The next stretch of the drive was fairly uneventful, we had hours to go, a few tall boys and we’re starting to feel the six days prior. We were all beat. The next and last park of our trip was in Spokane. This one had again 2 huge bowl in the center of a concrete race track like bowl that went around the peremiter of the park. The rest of the drive was a blur of Kurt driving my car far too fast, the same cd’s we had all heard far too much, and the never ending search for caffiene and gasonline. We looked thru photos from the trip, and made plans to do it again next summer. Somewhere new again. In total 8 of us were gone for 6 days,rode 10 new skateparks in 3 states, and covered over 3500kms.. (I don’t know what that is in miles, and I don’t care). The trip was the perfect excuse to go somewhere new with people I don’t see nearly enough.