Sour Fever has been going strong for a while now, we hit up Silva to get all the details on Sour Fever and to see his dope new 2011 softgoods.

Spring 2011 lineup

What is Sour Fever?
It’s a DIY style clothing company. Just a dude with time to kill printing Tees in his room, a reason to help get his friends exposure and put tees on their back.

How did it start?
The name “Sour Fever” started one night in 2008 at the Toronto Warehouse. A friend had some stickers for a band or something and I was bored so I cut all the letters up and somehow came up with Sour Fever. I thought it was funny so I put the stickers on my bike and a few dudes from the Warehouse liked it as well. In the back of my mind I knew if I ever started something I’d call it Sour Fever, just cause of that one stupid night haha.

What is the future of Sour Fever?
I really don’t know what will happen in the future with Sour Fever Clothing. I’m just going to keep on printing Tees till nobody buys them anymore… after that I’ll continue printing more.

Will Sour Fever shares sell on the TSX or Nasdaq?
I own 100% of all shares, who wants to buy some?

Who is Sour Fever?
It’s a bunch of dudes that have/had no or little sponsors that deserved way more(excluding myself and Chijioke cause he’s stacked with hookups), robots that people thought only rode ramps but could bust out the most crazy stuff on street, dirtbags that needed help getting exposure and capturing insane riding on film, slackers who are too good of friends and riders to not hookup, snakes who pissed me off at the skatepark and made me feel old, up and comers that I met and amazed me with their riding skills and awesome personalities, all these people are “Who” Sour Fever is and make it worth while.

How was the team chosen?
The team was chosen before I had the thought of making a clothing company. They are the reason why I chose to make Sour Fever.

How much do you pay Moxley a month to be on Sour Fever?
That dude has high demands, let me tell you… Whatever Jonny Depp makes each movie is a joke compared to what I pay Moxley per edit!

Could you give him hair cut bonuses?
He’s got his style and just like Justin Bieber’s hairdo you can go to your local barber and ask for the “Moxleydo”.

Would you rather make a dog dick shirt or a dirty Dillon Lloyd shirt?
If I made a “Dog Dick” shirt it would for sure have Dillon on it doing everything he wishes he could do to a dog dick. If I were to make a “Dirty Dillon” shirt it would also have Dillon with a dog dick gettin’ down and dirty hahaha.

If Sour Fever had a soundtrack what would it be?
It would be a 3 disc album produced by Jeremy Deme, written by Greg Flag, co written by me, Corey Dewey on guitar and Greg Flag on vocals. Added sound effects by Dillon and the dogs. Simply titled, (Disc 1)- “Would You Rather”, (Disc 2)- “Or” and (Disc 3)- “That is All”.

Will Sour Fever ever have a box for Leafs games?
I’m not much of a hockey fan, although I went skating the other day for the first time in over 15 years. It was so fun, who knows what will happen.

Can I come see a Leafs game in your box seats?

You or anyone can come as long as you’re wearing some Sour Fever tees!

Jamie Burke

Where did you learn to silk screen shirts? (Prashant)
It’s funny cause 2 months before I started the company I didn’t have the slightest clue how to print a shirt or how that even worked, all I knew was I was going to learn and do it. I’m pretty stubborn, if I want to get something done it will either happen or just be a disaster, much like my riding, haha.
I did as much research online as I could; reading hours of write ups from where to buy supplies to selling stuff online, everything in between; stretching and making a screen, making my own printing table, inks, dyes and bleaching Tees. there’s so much that goes into one shirt its pretty crazy. YouTube was the #1 best help, I’m so thankful that people upload videos of how they screen print at home and how to keep costs to a minimum. That being said I made a couple Sour Fever Screen Printing videos you can find on there…(see below)

What’s up with that sideways peace sign, are you anti-peace? pro-violence? (Prashant)
I don’t know? It was somewhere to start from… The whole 2 months I was figuring out the company I knew I needed some sort of symbol but I had no ideas. I’m kinda a hippie at heart and riding BMX seeing so much negative stuff these days like a whole set of rules on how you should ride your bike, whats ok and cool and whats not. Something had to come from that. one night I woke up with this idea of that sideways peace sign and just thought it was cool enough to print up, so I did. There’s a little more to the symbol and how I drew it out but I wont bore people with that.

You have a steady number of video edits that you post on your site, many of them done by you. What sort of video and editing equipment are you using lately? (Prashant)
Ya, like I said the companies main purpose is to get these riders exposure so I try to hustle filming with them and pump out stuff a couple times a month.
This isn’t a huge budget company, haha, I just have some okish camera and I just got a Mac so I’m now using iMovie but I’m going to start using Final Cut when I find the time to learn it.

Any Video/edit plans for 2011?
I’m going to keep trying to pump out edits as much as I can, everyone on the team is super stoked to film and their always telling me ideas of stuff they want to do. I’ve actually been talking to some of the guys about getting a full Sour Fever DVD together for the end of 2011, I’d be super stoked on that if we can get it done. Get some small team trips going to a few places nearby.

How do you say Sour Fever in Portuguese? (Dewey)
I have no clue but I’m sure if you said it to someone who was Portuguese they would have no clue what you were talking about.

Is the reason I’m not on Sour Fever because your scared of my overwhelming need for bromance? (Dewey)
Corey I’d put you on the team in a second if I knew you were down with the slack life! but we have a policy that there is no relationships in the Sour Fever workplace, so you got to choose one I guess.

Where can you get a sour fever?

Any thanks?
I’d really like to thank you Jeremy for hookin’ this interview up, Cory at Repset as well for posting everything I send him to help get the word out, all the riders on the team for reppin’ hard on and off the bike, YouTube for teaching me how to print Tees, Darcy at TenPack/MacNeil who likes to talk to me about screen printing and took me to my first real printing shop, Mike Headford for designing the “Feel Young” Tee cause he knows I love Neil Young, all the bike shops; 514BMX, Joe Mamma, BlackPony and most of all Core cause if it wasn’t for them I’d still be trying to sell the first run Tees, I think that’s about it… I know there’s a lot more so anyone I missed I’m sorry. I’d really like to thank all the people who have got a piece of Sour Fever, keep doing so and we’ll keep printing more! Thanks!

Sour Fever has some dope new threads out as of yesterday, (check below for pic) and be sure to check Sour Fever for all the details.

***All photos by Harry Silegren****