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Mix Edit Check out a new mix edit we threw together, featuring Gerorge, JD, Jeff-E, French Luke, Richard, Paul, Ploughman, Dill and Hango. We've got a bunch of stuff lined up so keep checking back....

Darcy hooked up some rad mad pics. Stay Mad V2 soon.
Stretched superman at Woodward East. photo: Chris Chitaroni Trying to write an introduction to an interview with a friend that you admire is always an awkward thing. You don't want it to come across as some sort of hero worship and blindly praise, or fill it with inside stories that have no relevance to the reader. When it comes to Roland Labrecque, what I can say is that he wears many hats; rider, competitor, contest organizer, ramp builder, father, husband, and more. At 40, he's been a staple and active member of his city's BMX community, with a history of efforts to improve relations with the city over the development of parks and equal access for bikes. But don't be fooled, I don't think you should know about Roland simply because of his age and pursuits to still shred. He's an interesting individual beyond just that. Over the last ten years of knowing him, he's always been an extremely hard working and modest individual. He puts 100% in to everything he does in his life, no matter how big or small. I sat down to ask him some questions about his past, present, riding, injuries, home renovation, juggling responsibilities, his son, and more. Click below to read the full interview with Roland Labrecque, who is 40 and rollin'.
Top 5 2010 Lists
With 2010 a few days behind us, 2011 is sure to be a big year here at Embassy. Although we didn't do any kind of best of/ look back list onto 2010 this year, I did see a bunch of sweet ones in the last little while and compiled a quick list of 5 favorites. Look for some sort of Embassy list this time next year.

I could give you all the cliché interview introductory gibberish like how he's an amazing bike rider or how he is a great friend.  That he is always down to help you out, whether it be fixing your bike or helping out when your car breaks down on the side...

Phil Bartlett Interview
Phil is a rad dude on and off his bike. We hit him up with a bunch of random ass questions a while back and he finally got back to us with answers. Phil's heading to Cali in a few hours, another Canadian heavy hitter to hit Cali this January.

Happy new year!  Keep checking back to see what we got going on...