Sour Fever has been going strong for a while now, we hit up Silva to get all the details on Sour Fever and to see his dope new 2011 softgoods. READ ON...


"I wasn't going to do a mad Monday today because I'm happy. Day off , Greg Henry's in town. U know nothing to mad about. So I decided to do adult stuff instead of riding. So one of my friends laugh n say u ain't no adult...

While we have written about BMX's love affair with junk food in the past (La Belle Province, Taco Bell), I feel the need to write about another recent popular indulgence: Four Loko. Yes, it is not what one would call food, but it still falls under the junk category. If you've been under a rock for the last  six months, let me explain. Four Loko fever seemed to sweep not only BMX, but North America by storm last summer, and left a trail of destruction in its path. While we cannot get the caffeinated malt alcoholic drink in Canada, that didn't stop plenty of riders from shopping for them at stores south of the border. It is said that just two or three of these monstrous 23.5 oz cans can leave a person in a world of hurt and hangover regret. They come in a variety of fruit flavours such as grape, watermelon, lemon-lime, cranberry lemonade. Nowadays it's harder to find a can of the original recipe Loko in stores after much criticism and controversy came from several US campuses after many students began experiencing injuries, blackouts, and often hospitalization from over consumption of the drink. This led to the Liquor Control Commission in several states to ban the drink, retailers voluntarily pulling the drink from shelves, and eventually in November 2010 a ban of the sale of caffeinated alcoholic beverages by the Food and Drug Administration. While I feel that Four Loko might be old news by now, there are still places where people can and are finding them for sale, and with the number of Canadian riders flocking down to warmer US climates this winter, no shortage of stories of people getting Loko'd. On a personal note, I think it tastes like a horrible mix of an energy drink and cough medicine, but to each their own. My favourite thing to have come out of all the Four Loko mania however is the music video that you can watch after you click below.
For 2011 we are starting a Road trip feature, most bmxers have been on a road trip at some point or other and if you haven't, you should definitely start planing one asap. In my opinion, road trips with buddies are a huge part of bmx and are almost always a guaranteed good time. We encourage anyone who's doing a road trip this year to take some pictures, film a little edit and/or write a few words about the trip and send it in to . The first of our Road trip starts in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Jo Boutch, Simon Dravigne and Simon Trepanier packed up and hit the road for Florida this January. Here's a bunch of pictures from their trip and some words from Simon.
Jason V photo pimp
Jason Vawter is known as the main man in Vancouver for shooting photos, he's always down to shoot anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check out a bunch of his dope pics after the jump.
Andrew Lazaruk Video
Andrew Lazaruk Video Andrew has been living in Corona California for a while now.  We met up with him at the vault park and put together this quick edit....

Mike Fiz Audio Popoff #2
"For the second instalment of my audio pop off I decided to give you an insight into what I'm actually into these days. Considering that it's winter, most of us are stuck in subzero temperatures with the only option to ride a packed indoor skatepark or even having no option of riding whatsoever. So we tend to be less active and basically hibernate, thats why this winter I've been mostly into dreamy tracks that let you drift off to that place where you're cruising the streets and sipping a couple brews with friends! Then you look out the window and your Barbecue is under 3 feet of snow...... but thats the harsh reality of things!
Random Photos: Rich Redmond

Everyone in Ontario can enjoy Family Day today, and reminisce when the weather was better. Here Rich Redmond does just that when out in Vancouver last September. Turndown at New Westminster park, and a tiger style vader nose manual behind some industrial complex in Burnaby....

Stay Sad Monday?

"Andy asked his friends months ago if they wanted to go to Notro, they all said no. Weeks later, one of Andy's friends tell him he's going (just one person would make the hotel too expensive) so Andy declines. Now on Sunday Feb 19th, Andy finds out all his friends...