Montreal 2010
Montreal 2010

Here's an edit I put together with footage I collected over the course of 2010. I did a lot of travelling and filmed for some other projects but this is all the footage I had that didn't have a home, but I certainly wouldn't consider it "scrap". ...

Camera Check: Brad Hill
Camera Check: Brad Hill
Brad Hill filming Jim Cielencki while on a Sunday trip last summer. Photo by Scott Barker. I've always had a fascination in the particular equipment filmers and photographer use. They are the ones who lug around a bag with different cameras, different lenses, and often different lights from one another. Being the dedicated person for either role used to result in heavy investment in equipment, not to mention weight on your back during a day out riding. If you are someone who dabbles in both, then an overweight bag and misaligned vertebrae are something you might be familiar with. With the advancement of DSLR cameras to capture high definition video, we are witnessing more and more people switching and using them as a primary means of filming. As people are seeing an ease of carrying their cameras, capturing clips, and switching between the role of filmer and photographer, I wanted to profile a few different people, and get some insight about the choice of equipment they use. Brad Hill is always filming or shooting photos with the BMXFU crew, and more recently I've seen his name attached to work from a few different companies. I asked Brad what he carries around in his camera bag, and for his input on filming, taking photos, cameras, and more. Click below to check it out and see more of Brad's work.
10Mins with Jeff Evans
10Mins with Jeff Evans The first edit in our 10Mins series, Jeff Evans kills a park in only 10 minutes. Check back for more of these edits, they could be a bunch of banging clips like this one, or just 10 mins of random shit at a random spot or park....

Random iphone media

Went down to TO for the Notro Jam this weekend, had a blast and caught this photo of homies Wayne Hartman and Harley Haskett reppin Embassy at Sneaky Dee's, all while ordering a few too many tequila shots. On a side note, one of our friends from Toronto actually thought...

Random Photo

Mike Boag the steeze weeze 91 jumps through Taylor Elvy's home made field goal with ease.  Have fun....

Stay Mad Monday with Roode
Stay Mad Monday with Roode
This week Roode went with something everyone has gotten mad about at least once before... rather than put words to it he filmed the madness... check it.
Toronto BMX Jam
The Toronto International Bike Show has evolved over the years. Like many riders these days, I've been going since the La Revolution contest days, seen it transformed to the enormous Metro Jam series, in to the Ricoh Coliseum, and now in to it's present state as the Toronto BMX Jam. From mega-pros traveling from Europe, Japan, and South America to attend, to Canadian and American riders trekking across the country to get squeezed in to the pro and amateur slots, the event has had it all. I'm not trying to say any specific time period or incarnation of the contest was better than another. They all have had their ups and downs. What does keep me coming back to the show for the first weekend of March every year is the people. After a long winter, the bike show is often the first chance most people have to see each other in a long time, catch up with old friends, make new ones, put faces to names you've heard, and for some getting drunk in the stands. I'm not going to try and bore you with a run down of who did what trick, who qualified in what place, or who smashed bottles at the Dance Cave. Those things can likely be found on a number of other sites already (with the exception of the Dance Cave part - those actions go undisclosed). Instead, here's an offering of photos of some of the people that make attending the Toronto BMX Jam every year what it is.
Random Photo: C Hen and Jeff Ev

I've been trying to think of a caption to describe this photo, but I think there's really only one word for it: WOW....

Toronto Bmx Jam 2011

Tomorow is the first day of Canada's biggest annual contest in Toronto. Most Ontarians, Quebecers and Easterners will be there wasted, watching some dope riding and having a good time. Prashant and Sean will both be there getting a bunch of pics and footy that should be up shortly after...