Merrytimes Mixtape Vol. 2

The Merrytimes crew come through with another dope edit featuring new recruit, Matt Comeau. Matt just made the move from Ottawa to the East coast and has some banging clips in this along with Andrew Phillips, Kolin Smith, Josh Gagnon, Jamey Parker and Zachary Stokes.

Boicott Weekend 2014

This is what every BMX trip should look like.

“Since the beginning of Boicott Ryan Davis has continued to follow a yearly tradition of bikes, beer, and camping. Every year more people jump in on the trip, adding to the already long caravan of riders and cars from all over North America. For many of the veterans who travel from as far as Alberta, Canada and Southern California this trip is absolute in their summer plans. Ryan has explained the many ways they have celebrated Boicott over the years, including a jam at the somewhat famous Slab City east of San Diego in the desert. With the change in surroundings from earlier days, Oregon has become the landscape for these trips. The amount of concrete that spreads across the state has no problems occupying 30+ people with thrills and chills all weekend, so for the past few years the annual trip has followed a loop down the I-5 corridor, cutting over the Oregon Coastal Mountain Range, and finding its way back up the 101 along the wild coastlines. Some of the highlights of this year included several awesome concrete parks, some of the best groomed dirt in Oregon, camping on the banks of the Umpqua River, Cold morning swims, Flabongos, Scary Skytracks and the east coasters who conquered them, Nick Vergillo laughs, beach front fires and phosphorescent shrimp, Matty Q Airs, free slurpy vouchers from the cops, meeting so many rad new people and the site of these small Oregon towns faced with a full invasion of dirty BMXers. With no serous injuries or trouble with the locals the roadtrip can be said to be a huge success.I’m already looking forward to what next year will bring. Another Boicott weekend in the bag…”

Filming by Joe Loumena and Mark Rainha
Edit by Mark Rainha

SV4: Mat Hrehoruk

“Mat’s the fuckin man. Always down for a good time, and always down to cop a clip or two. This dude put in work this past year for his Smay Vision 4 section. Considering this and the fact that I wanted to start the DVD off with a bang, it only made sense to let the hommie step up to bat first. Between early 90′s back brake tricks that haven’t been seen since the likes of the Matt Hoffman era & his undeniable eye for a dope set up leaves this section as one of the most entertaining parts of the whole DVD.”
- Kyle Smail

John Alden – MACNEIL

John Alden footage is always a treat. Fast, blasting and smiling. What’s not to like?

Justin Hughes – Welcome to WTP

Growing up in Montreal under the wing of Dill, Justin Hughes had the best and the worst mentor. It was clear from day one that Justin had a very natural talent on his bike and at only 18 years old, the future is very bright for this young shredder. Filmed and edited by Vlad P of Imported.

Chris Silva – Animal 2014

Chris Silva never disappoints, lots of rad stuff in this new edit for Animal. A true Canadian legend and he’s not slowing down.

New James Hummell Full Part

One of Vancouver’s most exciting riders is finally back with a new edit. Except for some standalone flip flyouts and air bag clips, I believe this is his first video since this gem.. Definitely have a look at The Kid giving it his all.

S&M BTM Frame Charity Auction

BTM frame header

Apparently S&M Bikes were painting a batch of their frames, and by accident a BTM frame was given the camo paint job seen on a limited batch of Credence frames. S&M offered this to any of their usual buyers, and Edmonton’s Transition BMX scooped it up. Their plan was to auction this one-of-a-kind frame off on Ebay to support Wounded Warriors Canada, a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Forces members who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

The auction is available to anyone, and starts with an opening bid of just $1. Starting today (Monday, September 1st), it will be up for 7 days, so if you want this unique 20.75″ BTM frame to be yours, and to support a great charity, you can place a bid. You can find all the auction info here, and check out some more photos of the frame below.


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Butler’s Iphone Video

Dave Butler sent over this iphone video, featuring all of your favorite Vancouver area riders. There’s some pretty good Hastings action in here, and there’s a can can x-up on street.

MTL Street Jam 2014

Camilo wasted no time putting together this MTL Jam that went down on Saturday. Lots of good stuff in this (with stand out clips from Dillon Lloyd, Justin Hughes, Ryan Eles, Joel Fortin, Brad Blouin, Keven Rousseau and more), check it.

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