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Billy Perry 2015

18 Feb Billy Perry 2015

This is what’s up! FTL bossman Billy Perry has been putting in work for the last 10 months and the finished product is well worth the wait. Justin Koebele did an amazing job handling the filming and editing in between getting 100% on engineering exams . Don’t sleep on this!

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Macneil – Dawson Creek Session

12 Feb Macneil – Dawson Creek Session

A couple of the MacNeil dudes went out to Dawson Creek and rode Kalvin Sexmith’s incredible backyard ramp. “Some chill backwoods vibes in this edit featuring Greg Flag and Amos Franke out in Dawson Creek, BC. Shout out to all the locals who shared their amazing ramp set up with us!” Film/Edit Zach Rampen

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09 Feb Top 5’s – Brad Blouin


Verdun’s Brad Blouin has only been riding for a couple years now but you’d never know it. Riding mostly with another MTL street shredder (Justin Hughes), Brad is known mostly for his burly style,  he has a big bag of rail maneuvers, which you can see in person on any given Taz sesh. Unfortunately Brad is off his whip for a bit, recovering from a recent injury on an Imported trip to Joyride but you know Brad (aka Paper Bitch) will be back on his whip right in time for spring.

Here’s a quick Top 5 we did with him while he’s healing up.


1. Obviously BMX biking
2. The hot weather
3. The good vibes
4. the ladies of course
5. Its gotta be filming and just chilling around with the homies


There’s not to much I like about this weather but I’ll give it try
1. Snowboarding
2. get a good session at the indoor park
3. Playing Ice hockey with J.hammer

Top 5 songs on the iphone or ipod at the moment
1. Your hoe will get slayed – katour phamous
2. B.O.N – King louie
3. In love with canada – King louie
4. Out that jam – Billionaire black
5. War – Chief keef

Top 5 movies:

1. American history X
2. Step brothers
3. Harry potter (the 8 movies)
4. Avatar
5. The heat


1. The Women!!
2. We got some Dope street spots
3. The Liquor & Loud
4. We got dope transportation
5. All the bars and clubs are bumbing!! (Tbh theres not alot of good things here)

Top 5 spots your willing to expose:

1. A frame ledge
2. The curve rail Down the street From house
3. 5th Ave Flat ledge
4. Charlevoix Rails
5. Toshiba flyout

Top 5 riders:

1. Chad Kerley
2. Alex Kennedy
3. Dillon Lloyd
4. Sean Ricany
5. Dennis Enarson

Top 5 reasons to ride shirtless:

1. Everyone thinks its funny and to be honest it gets me pumped
2. That breeze I feel under my arms after I take my shirt off pumps me up so bad Ill send any trick down
3. The Ladies love when I take my shirt off
4. I get to flex!



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CLASSIC TX – Mitch Radcliffe

08 Feb CLASSIC TX – Mitch Radcliffe

You might remember Mitch from his epic edit this past summer, well Mitch shows no signs of slowing down as he’s been working on an insane indoor edit this winter and also just recently took a trip to TX. This year  Mitch has big plans for a full length dvd, this first trip of many this year to Dallas/ Fortworth to film for the project. “While being there we quickly found a park to warm up at and cool off at each day. Amongst some craziness going down in the streets, I captured some good stuff from the park and threw in some leftovers from street. Ryan Vanstemp is recovering from a badly broken foot, I ended up breaking my jaw on the third day and spending the 4th day in the hospital and Andy Vanstemp absolutely destroyed the plaza with half the gun powder he used on the streets. All in all this is the first trip video of a larger Canadian project that we will be doing keep posted!”
– Mitch Radcliffe

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