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Chris Martatos 2014 by Luis Almazan

15 Mar Chris Martatos 2014 by Luis Almazan

Chris Martatos AKA Ghost first got his taste for Vancouver while flying in from Greece for the Metro Jam events. After sampling the goods Vancouver had to offer, Ghost made the move to Canada full-time. Ghost’s riding harkens back to an era of showmanship, this is a treat to watch!

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Ode to Bonsor

13 Mar Ode to Bonsor

On the west coast of Canada, we are more than fortunate to have a wide variety of A class concrete parks at our disposal. Here, we pay homage to one of our favourites Metro Towns, Bonsor Skatepark. Often during the summer, we’ll find ourselves having a chill session with a few good homies.

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Stranded Mixtape

11 Mar Stranded Mixtape


This is dope. The Stranded crew from Newfoundland just dropped this sick little mixtape they filmed through the summer. Some awesome vibes and spots in this. Riders include Ryan Antle, Jordan Hickey, Corey Antle, Jamie Flynn, Stephen Jackson, Robert Osmond, Ryan Hodder, Will Taylor, Jacob Manning and Tristan Fowler. You probably remember Jordan and Ryan from the recent, and ridiculous Ant Life Project video from their California Trip, so you know this is gonna be good.

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Tsawwassen Sesh

11 Mar Tsawwassen Sesh

“We been getting lucky with the weather here on theWestcoast. I decided to grab my camera to make a little edit with the homies.” Tsawwassen is a hidden gem on the West coast, a guaranteed good time really.

Riders: Nick, Alec, Xerex, Matt

Filmers: Xerex & alec
Edit: Xerex

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2015 X-Jam Contest

10 Mar 2015 X-Jam Contest

There was a buzz around the Toronto BMX jam last year, Eric Favot and Zeb Dennis re-vamped the course and ramps which was much needed. They came into 2015 with momentum and did not disappoint! Street riders got a course they had long time hoped for and park guys got a fun flowy setup, box jumps guys got their dream setup, a box that would allow them to go ape.

Lots of guys killed it all weekend long, it’s safe to say X-Jam is growing strong for years to come!

Featuring: Drew Bezanson, Zach St Clair, Nick Bullen, Ross Lanier, Gabe Truax, Charlie Crumlish, Justin Hughes, Nick Bruce, Joel Bondu, Mike Varga, Jake Leiva, Steven Moxley, Mike Fede, Zak Jarvis, Zeb Dennis, Joel Marchand, Phil Williams, Greg Henry, Andrew White, Kenny Oliver, Stephan Sum, Ryan Eles, Gage Sharp, Spencer Ryan, Nick Bullen, Mike Stahl, Jamie Cooper-Ellis, Darcy Peters, Jason Kearnan, Kevin Fabregue, Hugo Larochelle, Dillon Bell, Jamie Thayer, Al Farrugia, David Leib, Colton Walker

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Deme

Edit available in Youtube or Vimeo version for your viewing pleasure.

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Silva & Son MacNeil Vacation

09 Mar Silva & Son MacNeil Vacation

Back in January, Chris Silva and his dad embarked on a month long road trip from Toronto to Miami all in an attempt to escape the harsh Canadian winter and bask in some Southern sun. Silva also wanted to check off some bucket list items of famous spots that he’s seen in videos throughout the years and was lucky enough to find some newer ones along the way.

They hit a ton of cities, but most notable were: Nashville, Tennessee; Athens, Georgia; Orlando, Miami and back up the coast to Jacksonville in Florida. High tailing it through the Carolinas they hit up the White House and Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.; gambled in Atlantic City and finally got to New York/New Jersey where Silva hit up the Animal warehouse for a quick sesh and did some site seeing in the Big Apple.

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TBT – Chris Silva

05 Mar TBT – Chris Silva

With a buzz around Toronto’s X-Jam this weekend, what better time to post this TBT 2013 Animal edit of Chris Silva. Chris Silva is one of the esteemed judges at X-jam this year so be sure say hello and get your bribes in before your heats.

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