Montreal Throwback Pics

dewey whip1

I’ve been sitting on these pics for literally forever. Likely a decade old, alot of these pictures represent some of the early MTL BMX scene and include some pretty amazing dudes including Corey Dewey above, with 2 pegs, a brake doing a whip. There’s a few UAB pics in here too for all of us who were fortunate enough to ride at some point.

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World Deece – Starting Roster Mixtape

World Deece mixtape featuring their starting roster. World Deece is deece and Carl’s banger is crazy! Tons of good stuff in this.


In December 2011, 11 Canadians made the trip to Barcelona for no other reason than having fun riding bikes with friends. And that we did. Looking back on this trip makes you realize that through all the craziness of life, it will be trips like that this that you always remember and cherish as some of the best times ever.

There was never any intention of putting this full length DVD online, but if it can serve as motivation to anyone who has not yet grabbed a copy of the DVD to take a trip with buddies it will have been worth it.

When’s the next Embassy trip boys?

Featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff EVans, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme, Albert Krolikowski, Luke Santucci, Prashant Gopal. Filmed by Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme and Luke Santucci.

Blazeguard – Jono Hopping in Vancouver

Jono’s been coming to Vancouver from New Zealand every summer to ride and chill for a few years and clocked some footy during his last visit, filmed by John Thompson.

Sour Fever Returns?

Could it be? This short video of Steve Moxley just surfaced. You be the judge…

Street Jingle Vol. 1 by Kerr Bilsland

Kerr hooked up this beaut before moving back across the pond yesterday. Lots of rad stuff from the Victoria BC shredders, check it out. All the best Kerr, thanks for hooking this up!

Nari Street

When Silva approves a TO street edit, it gets posted up. Nariman shredding the streets of North Toronto while others are training their street tricks at the skatepark.

Nathan Williams – 2014

We almost always only post Canadian content only but there’s always a few edits every year that really stand out and get watched over and over and over. This is one of those edits for 2014. Nathan Williams has been stacking clips and supposedly this is what he isn’t saving… INSANE! Via TCU

Cult – $mall Talk: Luke Santucci

Small Talk Cult Crew

It kinda feel as though Cult’s $mall Talk has really slipped under the radar. If you haven’t checked it out yet it’s worth the $3.99 for Luke’s clips alone, the whole feature has a really good cCali vibe to it and will definitely get you even more stoked for summer. You can download it directly off

Here’s some classic Luke from his first Cult edit and check out the $mall Talk trailer after the jump. GIVER

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Drew Bezanson presents Nothing but Fun at Joyride150

Drew Bezanson - Action
For anyone who’s ever wished they could have the opportunity to ride with Drew Bezanson, this Saturday is your chance! Joyride 150 are hosting the Nothing But Fun, Drew Bezanson invitational Red Bull event and you have the opportunity of riding with Drew and friends (Anthony Napolitan, Mike Hucker Clark, Tyler Fernengel, Michael Beran, Brian Hunt, Morgan Wade and Dean Cueson). This should be quite a time, even if you don;t plan to ride, I can only imagine the kind of things this crew of guys will be doing in the big room. The jam starts at 1pm, click here for full details.

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