Montana Photos by Jordan Hango

We all know how talented Jordan is on a bike. As it turns out, he’s pretty talented behind the lens as well. When he was not casually blasting the skateparks of Montana, he was walking around with a really old looking film camera shooting photos. The following is a selection of 35mm shots from Montana.

Lazer takes advantage of the biggest transition of the trip.

The twin Volkswagons. Both of these cars were older than half of the guys on the trip.

Lazer in Butte.

Ridgeway with a little Nate Hanson tribute in Dillon.

Kurt unleashes a Dom Mach and rips the fullpipe/box jump.

Ridgeway carving in Butte.

They had Slade sized rails at the skateparks.

Lazer in Yakima and Whitefish.

Ridgeway manual at Whitefish.

The drive home. Idaho!