Corey Dewey Edit/Interview

On top of this edit, we sent over a few questions to Corey Dewey a couple weeks back to see what he’s up to. Here’s what he had to say, keep your eye out for Dewey’s Ten Pack DVD part, it’s going to be ridiculous…

Favorite setup to ride?

Any nice ledge or rail line.

Where’s the best flat rail in MTL?

Little Burgungy or The Point

If you were drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, would you play for them?

Yea, I ain’t no Eric Lindros

How long did you train for your 3rd place finish at the Taz comp?

At least 3 seasons

What did you do the with anal beads I shipped you instead of a federal sproket? (Rooder)

Well I guess i could tell the story but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

I’ve been a couple of trips with you now and it seems like your down to gay-down/bro-down with your buds in the hotels. Like seriously naked sleeping with 1-2 other dudes in a bed, whatsup with that? (Rooder)

Well I always sleep with Dillon and depending if Silva is on the trip with us or not usually makes my decision to sleep in the nude or not a whole lot easier. That flow hes sporting really grows on you after a couple days on the road. Just watching him brush it in the morning.

Why did the idea of putting spacers under your stem used to freak you out? (Prashant)

Thought i could bunnyhop higher with lower bars i guess.

How many shed party’s have you crashed? (Justin Kirnan)

I use to make a living crashing shed parties

Whats the word on magpies in Alberta? (Luke Santucci)

Wish I could get a picture of one for my coffee table book titled ”Ordinary Birds”.

If you had to edit a video part to only ONE kanye west song, what would it be? (Prashant)

The New Workout Plan.

What are your 5 Fav beers?

Keiths, Keiths Red, Ricards Red, Harp, Kilkenny     ****Tremblay isn’t on the list, weird****

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found/seen at Gerg Flag’s old apartment in St Henri?

3 pairs of dentures in one jar.

What are some of your favorite Quebecer lines or quotes?

Go Habs Go. Hey le gros. EEEEE. Hot au boute. Yo Big. Ma Ma tante JOJO.

5 Favorite cities to ride?

Montreal, Passaic/Clifton, NYC, Boston, Calgary.

What’s the best part of Montreal winters?

Is that a joke? Hockey.

A couple years back you got hooked up with Federal and recently with Animal. How sick is it knowing your rocking and repping goods for two of the best companies out there right now?

First off, I cant thank Max (Vincent) enough, who got me involved with the TenPack family a few years back. Its awesome, im really stoked on all the people involved and really everything both companies do parts/clothing wise. I mean i mostly deal with TenPack for everyday things but i stay in pretty regular contact with both companies. Whether its Chris over at Federal or Teague at Animal, both guys are awesome and are always down to help any way they can, cant thanks those guys enough. They’re both companies who are just genuinely stoked on BMX in general no matter what. They both really support riders doing their thing no matter what it is. Staying true to your roots and being progressive and innovative at the same time isnt always the easiest task, but i find Animal and Federal do an awesome job at it, and im stoked to be a small part of that.