I could give you all the cliché interview introductory gibberish like how he’s an amazing bike rider or how he is a great friend.  That he is always down to help you out, whether it be fixing your bike or helping out when your car breaks down on the side of the road.  Or that he is always there to have a good time.  But I’m not going to because all that should just go without saying.  Mike Boag is the best.

Mike is from southern Alberta and is now (and has been for a long time) a well respected Edmonton local.  He helped run and build the Thorsby ramp park that kept so many of us sane in the winter.  He has helped most of his friends find jobs in the city.  There’s not much he hasn’t done.  And to think…  He doesn’t look a day over 21.  If you didn’t know any better, you would never be able to tell that he is thirty years old.

Not many people know that “Boag” isn’t you’re last name.  How did you get that nick name and why?

I got my nickname “Boag” around 1996 from my friend Marcus.  At the time nobody knew my real last name and they all thought that I was of native decent and in the Medicine Hat area they call the natives “Boagin” so they thought my name was Mike Boag.  I used to hate the name so it stuck.

What was growing up riding in southern Alberta like? What’s it like in Edmonton?

Southern Alberta back in the day wasn’t the greatest but I have lots of good memories from those days.  Edmonton has been treating me pretty good, have lots of good friends here.  Even though theres nothing to ride this winter unless you feel like driving a couple of hours.

I hear you’re somewhat of a chef, what’s you’re favourite meal to make at home?

I enjoy cooking.  My favourite things to make is Japanese Curry and Lasagna.

Tell us about the Bronco.

Well its a ’94 grey full size Bronco and its bad ass.  It belongs to my dad and I get the privilege to drive when I ruin whatever I’m driving, I’m kinda of a car destroyer.  Its pretty much bullet proof and I think there are some shotgun shells in the back rolling around in the back right now.

How come you’re bike looks like a billboard with all the stickers on it?

Always reppin for my friends

Do you wanna talk about the $8000 animal sweater you bought?

It was Christmas Eve 2009, I went down to the UPS to pick up an order i got from Animal.  On my way back to my house i slid out of the UPS parking lot and got T-boned by a huge carpet delivery van and almost wrote off my ex girlfriend new car.  Best thing that has ever happened to me.

What’s your work out schedule like?

In between maps on Black Ops.

What’s your favorite beer to shotgun?


Where can i get a gamer chair like yours? (Jaumell Campbell)

I got mine from Jeff Boag, but you can get anything off the internet.

Boag, whenever you ride trails you kill it, are there any future plans for trails in Edmonton? (Cory Clarke)

Thanks Cory, hope you get better soon.  There are no plans for trails here since were pretty lazy here.

Who are some of your biggest influences in life and riding? (Jeremy Deme)

My family and friends are my biggest influence in life.  Riding wise my friends that I ride with on the reg,  they help keep me young and stoked on riding but I always enjoyed watching Cory Clarke and Adam Dyke ride.

What did you study in school and what do you work in? (Jeremy Deme)

I’m in school for my apprenticeship for painting at NAIT.  I’m a Industrial Painter and I work for the 177 painters union.


I’d like thank Jeremy Deme, Luke Santucci, Taylor Elvy, Jaumell Campbell, and the rest of the Gleamers.  K-Hogan gets a shout out for sure.