07 May Road Trip : FU in Boston

I (Eric Marshall) went down to FUville for a little visit a few weeks ago to check out the 420 jam, while I was out there, I was invited to drive down to bBston with Jordan Krupa, Nick Dagg, Chris Orbell, and Charlie Crumlish. 8 hours later, one scary drive with Nick Dagg behind the wheel, and some late night cuddling, we showed up in Boston around 3am. Thanks to Chris Zeppieri for putting us all up in his apartment, (which was a little to small for 5 sexy dudes). While I was out on the trip, I tried to shoot some photos, not as many as I’d like too, but I hope you enjoy!

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06 May Video Submission: Rich Red

Rich Redmond sent through this video of footage of himself riding in Montreal, Ottawa, Sudbury, and Vancouver that he collected from 2009 – 2010, with a few dirt bike clips thrown in for good measure.

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05 May Mike Fiz’ Audio Popoff #3

“hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months! Monday night, after watching the elections, I was actually at a godspeed you, black emperor! concert, seeing the conservatives take over the Majority here in Canada, I kinda felt concerned.  I mean, watching these men ramble on about what they will do and how they will make our future shine, and then once they are in power nothing really happens. I kinda felt like I did that with my music posts on here. I mean im not stealing your money and using it for things that should not be a priority but anyways. Like Steven Harper, I don’t want to go into details about why and stuff, but in my case let’s just say that sometimes life kicks you in the face and it takes a little while to get back up. Anyways, I put together some tracks that are in the mood of this spring here in montreal, slow to start but here to stay! OK, I’ll shut up, here’s the link and the track list”

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04 May Bobby Hill Photo Pimp

Brad Hill is one of Canada’s main media pimps. Whether he’s filming or flicking, he’s always doing good shit. If there ever was a time to check out his flickr, it’s now. He just uploaded a bunch of dope 35mm pics along with a shit load of amazing older pictures that you should check out now.

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03 May Embassy Spring Mix

Embassy spring mix with a bunch of left over/ lost footy featuring Trevor Angelucci, Jeremy Deme, Harrison Boyce, Jaumell Campbell, Andy Roode, Sam Lowe and Ryan Barrett. Spring is here!

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“Mad motha fucking monday!!!! Chheeeyyyeeeaaaahhhh so everyones weekends done eh? That’s enough to make everyone mad right ? I don’t have to wrk Monday cuz I’m currently suspended from wrk for one day. Yup that big headed douchebag boss of mine is winning like sheen right now. Fucker.k so this Monday is just a list things that make me mad

1-highway/two lane st – fast lane ,slow lane. Why the fuck are driving side by side at the same speed !!!!!!

2-when you go to pick up ur buddies to go riding ,and they make you wait forever -surrey Steve fucking habitual make you waiter

3-11 yrs later ? Who the fuck really cares about Osama bin laden ? Seriously make the announcement news staion n move on.  Bad enough I’ll hear it all day at wrk on Tuesday. And obama don’t say god bless America after killing someone

4-i feel like every kid in van has new embassy and staymad  stickers. I haven’t gotten one yet. God damn

That’s it for this Monday I’ll get at you next Monday soo stay mad n rep embassy homies I’m out”


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