It’s with heavy hearts that we announce today the end of an era, our last post at Northern Embassy. It’s hard to believe we’ve already existed for more than 6 years now, Northern Embassy was created to showcase Canadian BMX talent and give scenes a place to share their work.

In our hey day, we were banging out original content every couple of weeks. with less contributors now that has changed. We have believed in doing things right or not doing it at all since day 1, which is why it’s time for us to call it a day.

At the time which NE was created, we felt no other media outlets were truly giving Canadian BMX the proper attention it deserves. Which was the main reason for it’s creation to begin with. Today we feel that DIG and Ride have really stepped up their Canadian coverage over the last couple of years.

Throughout the hundreds of edits (215 videos on our Vimeo channel , interviews, colabs, contests, clothing runs and even a trip to Barcelona, it has truly been a wonderful ride. BMX in Canada is at an all time high with more riders than ever, more spots than ever. Please expand your horizons beyond instagram, support your scene and continue to make Canadian BMX the best anywhere.
A huge thanks to Prashant Gopal, Aaron Gates, Zach Rampen, and Cory Beal who truly made this place happen from day one.  As well as anyone else who ever contributed to the site, anyone who helped us with any contest,or  anyone who let us film them or interview them over the years. A big thanks to our sponsors for truly believing that we had nothing but the best intentions from day one. Most importantly thanks to Canadian BMX for being the best and letting us show that for years.

Jeremy Deme
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21 Mar Weird & Revered: At Home with Justin Schwanke

I remember watching videos of Justin riding his backyard ramps for ages, and it’s insane to see how much the ramps, along with Justin’s riding have progressed. Too much awesome shit in this to name, on a coaster or a cassette it’s no doubt J-bone knows how to get creative on these ramps. DIG posted this fantastic video, along with some words by Justin about BMX as an art form.

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23 Feb Atlantis Vancouver Spyglass Review


In a BMX world of instant (or insta) gratification, dvds or non web based projects have become less and less existent. As much as everyone is entitled to their opinion on the subject, we at NE will always appreciate the physical aspect of a dvd project over anything else. Being able to easily watch a project/ time in people’s lives for years to come is worth a hell of alot more than any web based format. Atlantis seem to share that opinion as this is their second full length dvd since opening it’s doors in Vancouver in November 2014.


With a stacked team of Western shredders including: Carl Arnett, Matt Desson, Brad Hill, Wink Grant, Andrew Schubert, Owen Dawson, Jordan Hango and more, some of Western Canada’s biggest guns are behind Atlantis and have put in work for SPYGLASS. If you have any pre-conceived notions about what a shop dvd is, throw them out the door because this is an amazing Canadian BMX DVD, end of story.


Carl Arnett gets things started in typical Carl fashion. Full speed ahead pegless action with no shortage of variety or spot selection. The intro clip of the half cab which cost Carl a busted wrist is ridiculous.


Daddy Desson follows up Carl with a solid variety of Desson stuntin. Rails, whips, hangers, Desson continues to kill it and also at speed. His last clip is pretty unreal, amazing spot and perfect spot usage.


Brad Hill and Wink Grant split a part which is probably a personal fav just because they are both smooth cats and compliment each other very well. Wink has really come to be an underrated western Canadian rider with steez most of us can only dream of having. Bob also has a deep bag of tricks and eye for good spots which makes any of his footage a treat.


The mix section is also bangin, too many dudes to name but you’ll recognize them when you see them and they shred. Colind Fried’s clips are amazing. It’s also nice to see some Orlando clips in there, it’s always good to see the dude working his ass off to keep things running smoothly still getting out on his bike despite a busy schedule.


Next is Andrew Schubert who killed it on his bike and behind the lens. Schubert edited and filmed this video (Orlando filmed a bunch as well, “the backseat driver with an icey hand on Schubert’s shoulder”). Schubert’s entire part really varies and his last few clips prove he can also drop hammers.


Owen Dawson continues his annihilation of Canadian rails. No rail is safe. The kinked curved rail is unreal, among a bunch of other craziness.


Last but not least, Hango wraps it up in Hango fashion. Where to even begin with Hango, still one of the most under rate Canadian riders ever, this section is further proof. Name every color of Adidas Buzenitz Hango wears in his section and win a pair of Adidas shoes (feel free to email them your size with no mention that we told you to).


It’s hard not to give anything away in these types of things but I feel confident saying this DVD will easily be one of the best Canadian BMX dvds or BMX dvds in general for that matter this year. The riding is really good.


It should be noted this entire dvd was filmed with VX’s and VX footy never looked so good. Editing is absolutely on point as is filming throughout. The soundtrack is a breath of fresh air being a wide mix of genres which works incredibly well and suits each section/ rider very well.


Spyglass is a DVD that you watch for the first time and genuinely get really hyped to ride. It also makes you want to watch it over and over again as there’s a real good overall vibe throughout mixed with great riding and perfect filming/editing.


There’s a genuine feel to some of the best BMX dvds in which the collective group of friends are just having a good time and the clips come as a result. Nothing is forced or un-genuine, and Spyglass is exactly that. Do yourself a favour and snag a copy and support Canadian bmx/ dudes who’d rather ride bikes, cruise their city and have a couple beers after a day’s work than worry about youtube views.


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23 Feb Fun Sucks: Calgary

The Calgary scene has always been rad, here’s further proof. “a very serious freestyle bicycle motocross video filmed in Calgary: Jay park, Austin Odegnal, Matt Thomas, Richard Gallant, Jon Alden, Chay Nelson and other buds too”

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17 Feb The Dean Hartley Interview


Now this is just a theory that I have, but I believe that BMX is a pretty leveled playing field. I mean, basically anyone who bikes has a chance of going somewhere with it if they want . It’s pretty amazing. The cost is relatively low, you don’t need expensive classes and you don’t need a fancy field or arena to practice. I think that’s one of the things that I love about it the most. Consider all the big names that have come out of small towns that you’ve never heard of. It doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego California, or Woodstock ON, if you work at it enough, you’ll get noticed.

I was super interested in interviewing Dean for a few reasons. First, to me he really epitomizes that idea. He’s a young dude from a random town in southwestern Ontario, but he’s quickly getting on everyone’s radar for doing some of the most futuristic tech tricks on a bike. And second, I realized that regardless of the fact that I’ve known Dean for two years now, I didn’t really know much about him. So read on and learn more about the Silverback Gorilla himself.


What’s your Name, age and where you from?

Dean– Uh Dean Hartley, 20, Woodstock Ontario Canada

How old were you when you first started riding? And do you remember what got you into it originally?

Dean– Had to be at least 10 when I first started pedaling around but probably 15 when I started stunting, I got a props DVD with a flick trick and picked it up shortly after 

You clearly kill it on street setups, rails etc, but did you always gravitate towards street, or did you have phases of ramp riding or anything else?

Dean– Was always out in the skreets

It seems that ever since I first started seeing your footage you were doing ridiculous tech stuff, but you only just recently started to get some attention. (Radio and OGC at first) how did that come about? 

Dean– I got on OGC and Radio in November of 2015 and when I was told it I had no idea about it and was obviously stoked but apparently it was talked about a while before it was brought up too me about being on the team.

Following that news, you’ve now migrated over to the WeThePeople squad, that must feel pretty crazy. How did that transition happen?

Dean– Well I was at work the one day when Jeremy (Deme) gave me a text saying “we need to have a talk” and I wasn’t sure what it was about so I was literally dying to know, after a couple questions and a little talk I got asked if I want to be on WeThePeople and I was in shock because of that question and could not be more hyped to be on this team #20yearsdeep

We’re now mid February and outside biking is still a little ways away, what have you been doing to cope with the terrible Canadian weather? 

Dean– I’ve been super blessed to have Joyride150 about an hour away from me so I’m always staying in the BMX mode by heading there almost every weekend.

I know you’ve been on a few trips this past year with some of the OGC dudes, what are some spots or places that you’ve been that stand out as your favourite? 

Dean– Uhh Montreal for real, that place is like a skatepark and beer is cheap

What are some dream destinations that you’d like to visit one day?

Dean- Germany, obviously BCN and probably New York or China.

I’ve seen you wearing a helmet quite a few times while in the streets, is that something that you try to stick with?

Dean– It comes off every once and a while but a bad crash made me try to stay on top of wearing it

Cliche interview question- but who are some of your favorite riders right now?

Dean– Demarcus Paul all day, with a little Broc Raiford mixed in there as well. And Alex Donnachie to.  

Dang heavy line up. Ok so I’ve got a submission questions from an anonymous source, we’ll just call him “JD”, hopefully that doesn’t give it away- 

JD- Why are you so into insta?

JD- Do you watch insta vids to get hyped to go ride? And what do you prefer, Plazas vs street?

Dean– Jack daniels? Of course he would ask those questions 

I like Instagram because it’s like a home for clips that you capture that you would never use in an edit or just a place for some cool shit and mostly because an iPhone is like the only camera that I have around when I’m riding


Street, but I’ll always have a soft spot for a killer plaza

Are there any tricks that stick out to you that you’ve struggled with? Also, how do you approach a pegs over hard to backwards crook?? That trick makes no sense. 

Dean– Well I don’t do anything that involves talking my hands off (bars, tucks with the exception of t bogs) uhh switch whips hate me and my crankarm game isn’t the strongest

The pegs hard 1 backwards crook was just a pegs hard 1 over that didn’t go over far enough and then I tried that trick for a minute and pulled it

Hahaha fair enough man. Okay let’s do a quick Top 3’s list

Favorite bands/music- 

Future, Chris travis, migos 

Favourite bmx videos-

Julian Artiega – the common crew video 

Devon smillie – the come up video

Broc raiford – the finer things

Favourite foods-

I can’t really pick out a favourite

*editors note: Probably only eats raw steak

Favourite tricks-

Whips, 540’s and 180 crooks

Things to do besides riding

Work, PlayStation and watch bike vids

Any specific plans for the spring that you can share?

Dean- Eat, Street, Sleep

Well I think that’s it dude I’m out of questions haha, thanks for doing this! Any shout-outs?

Dean- Big shout out to Jeremy Deme for all he does, WeThePeople for holding it down and supporting me, and The Boiler Room for keeping the kit nice and sturdy, and Migos.

Dean’s new Joyride video– You can also follow Dean on instagram @dean_hartley_

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