22 Feb Jon Alden’s iPhone Footage

Jon sent through this awesome video of a bunch of clips of him and his homies that he had on his phone. That indoor ramp setup looks mad fun.

Featuring Brandon Van Dulken, Chay Nelson, Nathan Dowdle, Travis Kozie, Nick Halisheff, Greg D’amico, Trevor Angelucci, Darcy Peters, Roy Rojas, Carson Donovan, Jay Park, Sam Jepson, Brenden Giese, Richard Gallant, Quintin Baptiste, Matthew Walser, Jason Lange and Myself.

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22 Feb The Partymaster Tour 2017 – Full Movie

Our homies on bigger wheels just finished their full Partymaster tour video and it does not disappoint. A moded bus, a band, a bunch of shredders and stops at multiple Canadian cities with the intent of getting the riding community (of any wheel size) together is something we can truly appreciate. Not enough of that out there these days! The infamous Kid Savlem makes an appearance in the Montreal leg of the trip

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20 Feb Travis Kozie 2018

Awesome edit by Travis Kozie from 2017 and 2018. Tons of crazy park and dirt clips throughout. Dude seems like he’s super comfortable on his bike.. really kozie actually

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17 Feb Patrick Rhodenizer Summer 17

I met Pat last year and was immediately impressed by how much natural talent and style he had. Kid has crazy amounts of energy and is always a pleasure to cruise with. He lives quite a bit out in the sticks of Nova Scotia so makes due with what he can street wise, which in my opinion is treat to see. He just chopped some footage together from the Summer and there’s some zesty goofy footed goodness in here. Excited to see what the coming year holds for Patty boy (Get your ass to Halifax more often fool!).

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16 Feb No Drents in Londo

The dude Ian Fleming just sent through this great little nugget from a trip to London with Andrew Phillips, Alexis Leger, Matt Comeau, Paul Slaunwhite, Colin Kenny, Harrison Forward and Damien Maclean. Although it looks like they had a great time and rode a bunch of amazing spots, they probably didn’t enjoy it one bit because there were no hydrants around :/ smh.

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29 Jan Bad 4 Life: Subrail 2

The Bad 4 Life boys have been keeping warm the last couple winters in rural Saskatchewan. Join Jarek Mus, Zach Lokken, and esteemed barn owner, Brodie Gwilliam as they get weird indoors. This is Canadian creativity [and resourcefulness] at its finest!

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