Author: Zach Rampen

25 Jan Random Photo – Duke Thompson Kurz

Duke Thompson Kurz by Zach Rampen

Here is a random snap that just popped into my head. This was taken on a Vancouver summer cruise a few years back. Duke is a wild man and looking at this photo instantly makes the lyrics of “Fly Like an Eagle” pop into my head. I’ll Drink to that!

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23 Dec Call It A Day – Riley McMaster

Wow! Well, I’m gonna call it a day after this one. Riley doesn’t always get a chance to shine in front of the camera but when he does he goes wild! One could say hes been on a “Filming Spree” as of late… Personally I have been waiting to see that last clip for a while, I still can’t believe he did it! While your at it go pick up a last minute Christmas gift at the Chilling Spree online store. Give the gift of chilling.

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19 Dec Andrew Lazaruk Vancouver/Riverside Snowbird

This past summer Andrew Lazaruk made a few trips though Vancouver. While we were cruising around we managed to snap a few clips and always had a good time. Andrew has now made his yearly migration back to Riverside and will be shredding down there for the next few months. Fly snowbird fly!

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29 Nov The Future Was Here Four Years Ago

We all know people are using more and more advanced cameras everyday. Whether it’s a Red, a Phantom, or a FS-“Whatever”, the thought of a 3D edit or DVD is on the horizon. To bad Canadians just have to do everything first. Riley McMaster put this test out Four years ago on the Gnarwhale site. Walkie-Talkies, Space Arms and 3D BMX edits how much more Canadian can you get? Featuring Andrew Gobbo, Carl Arnett and Riley himself

Chilling Spree – In Your Face 3D 2014?

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27 Nov UBC Seshin With Rasmus Gravesen by Ty Scott

Here is a quickie but goodie by Ty Scott and Rasmus Gravesen at the new UBC park in Vancouver. These two roommates are hitting all of the local parks while the sun is shining. Keep your eyes open for a cameo featuring our stickers. Thanks for reppin boys!

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12 Nov Presence ‘LAST STAND’ Promo

The Presence crew and videos have become synonymous with Canadian BMX. Heavy hitting visuals and chill vibes throughout. It’s a treat to see another stunning project coming our way from Jeremy Deme and friends. Presence will be releasing ‘Last Stand’ as their DVD project…we can only hope for a few more encores after that.

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11 Oct Nigel Sapriken 5 clip

Nigel Sapriken has recently made the move from the Okanagan to Vancouver. After feeling out a few new parks, he has officially adopted Strathcona as his new home. Check out Nigel cruising a few lines in his new home.

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