Author: Zach Rampen

15 Mar Chris Martatos 2014 by Luis Almazan

Chris Martatos AKA Ghost first got his taste for Vancouver while flying in from Greece for the Metro Jam events. After sampling the goods Vancouver had to offer, Ghost made the move to Canada full-time. Ghost’s riding harkens back to an era of showmanship, this is a treat to watch!

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13 Mar Ode to Bonsor

On the west coast of Canada, we are more than fortunate to have a wide variety of A class concrete parks at our disposal. Here, we pay homage to one of our favourites Metro Towns, Bonsor Skatepark. Often during the summer, we’ll find ourselves having a chill session with a few good homies.

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29 Jan Jordan Hango – Holy Fit Section

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Jordan Hango’s section from Holy Fit is now online. If you haven’t had the chance to see Holy Fit, make sure you watch this on repeat! What a great reason to pick up a physical copy at your local shop!

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13 Jan Amos Franke for Etnies/Timebomb

Around this time last year, Amos Franke was pretty under the radar in Canada. The people who have known Amos, know he’s had some exceptional abilities on a bike for sometime. The eternal Nelson hippie, combats his typecasting, with the dedication of an Kenyan endurance runner. It’s great to see Amos getting the support he deserves, through great companies like Etnies BMX and MacNeil Bikes. Look out in 2015, as this is just the appetizer to the smorgasbord of footage Amos is sitting on…

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The man in the shadows, Jeremy Deme, recently went on a trip touring a bunch of amazing indoor parks with five of his friends. It’s awesome to see a group of long term friends still hanging out and organizing trips like these!

“Five old friends took a 4 day trip to 4 indoor parks.
Featuring Oli Rousseau, Jo Botch, Simon Dravigne, Simon Trepanier, Jeremy Deme
Thanks to CRANX, RASP, Inflow & JOYRIDE150”

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17 Nov Eye Sore 11 – Vancouver Hijack

It appears the 11th iteration of the critically acclaimed Eye Sore series has been hijacked. The newly formed, Vancouver based shop Atlantis, has risen above the tides and hit up the streets. These hard Haida pirates will hijack any tanker, tugboat, or dingy in the Georgia Straight. Look out!

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