Author: Zach Rampen

10 Nov Amos Franke For MacNeil – 2015

“You’d be in tough to find someone that enjoys their riding time as much as Amos does. At every spot he’s the first guy to start riding and at the end of the session he’s always the last one to leave. Here’s an edit of him lurking around Vancouver and making the most of every spot he comes across.” –MacNeilBMX

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05 Nov 3Ride Tristan Sweet 2015 Video

There’s a real cool energy with this one! Tristan and his homies in the streets murdering some spots. “been collecting footage here and there on my shitty dslr and decided to put my favourite clips together. filmed in Vancouver, Burnaby, Sunshine Coast, and Powell River by my friends. edited to yung chibi again.” – Tristan

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31 Oct 3ride @ The Jab

Joel Dykstra, Tristan Sweet and Neriah Mair bang out a session on the Sunshine Coast for 3ride. You know you’re trappin’ when you can dial up your excess money and make a call!

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28 Oct Brent Webb – 2015

I always looked up to Brent Webb’s riding when I entered the Kelowna BMX scene. After seeing him move away and start a career, I though I might never see full Brent Webb section.

Today all my thoughts where put rest. Brent just dropped this bangin’ Iphone edit filmed in rural British Columbia.
From killin’ it in Metro Jam’s, to fading into adulthood. I’m glad to see Brent looking as paranoid as ever, shredding Terrace, BC.

Also news he recently broke his kneecap, lets send some healing vibes in hopes to see these legendary tables again!

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10 Oct 3Ride After Hours

3ride After hours session with the crew & friends featuring: Joel Dykstra, Teddy Eyob, Kyle White, Ky Bridesbois, Tristan Sweet, Neriah Mair and Adam Piatek. All the dudes go town town!

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