Author name: Prashant Gopal

Adam Piatek for MacNeil

Adam Piatek in this new joint for MacNeil with a mix of street and park clips. This is just some of his leftover stuff for the upcoming MacNeil DVD project. Interesting fact, this Outkast song Player’s Ball was originally a Christmas song.

Jared Chilko for Savakas

A short and interesting new edit from Jared Chilko for UK clothing brand Savakas. Filmed by Cody Sisler, Colton Ponto and Amanda Teichroeb. Edited by Jared. I like this recent wave of very interesting pegless videos we’ve been posting lately. Bump jump whip at 0:23 is very nice too.

Chris Silva by Peter Almeida

Chris Silva with another new edit. Filled with the results of all sorts of random spot hunts from Toronto, Vancouver, and Austin for Ten Pack. Filmed by a whole bunch of dudes and edited by Peter Almeida with some bizarre animations. Get in to it.

DEO Fall Mixtape

I’ve never heard of DEO or really know what it is or about, but this just came through to our inbox. Filmed in Truro, New Glasgow, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. That last clip of the hop looked like it hurt.

2013 In Review

Overall you could say 2013 was a tumultuous year for BMX. The industry has had its ups and downs, brands seemed to be have had harder time than ever, pros had (and have) a difficult time to just get by, scooters seemed to be everywhere, and there’s so much of the exact same stuff being …

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Party Indoors

Ben Kaufmann with a long toothpick on a living room ramp. It’s cold everywhere. You’re full to the brim with food and booze from the past week. Why not party indoors? I dug up this old photo of Ben Kaufmann from three years ago doing just that at the 39C House Jam in Ottawa. Take …

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