Author name: Prashant Gopal

Colin Thiessen At The Winnipeg Warehouse

This video filmed and edited by Carl France of Colin Thiessen at the Winnipeg Warehouse is really good. Plenty of creative moves and speed for such a small space. A couple homie clips from Wayne Hartman, Matt Perrin, and Carl in there too. Start your morning off with watching this.

Rare Air With Jason Enns

The Don himself, Jason Enns, talks about how his obsession with BMX first began as just a young boy, and his attempt to jump over his first set of doubles in Winnipeg, MB. We also get a small glimpse of Jason’s childhood interest in ninjas.

Ferda Mixtape

Vancouver’s contingent of (mostly) under 20 year old shredders come through with this great 7 minute mixtape. Riding from Adam Piatek, Owen Dawson, Pawel Podgorny, and a bunch more. Filming with cameras that are older than they’ve been riding, a nice blend of (mostly) street lines and park footage, a good soundtrack, and some creative …

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