Author name: Prashant Gopal

MacNeil on that BC Hydro

God dam (see what I did there?), Amos Franke and Adam Piatek worked there way to what is possibly the most scenic dam in British Columbia, and thankfully our very own Zach Rampen was there to catch it all for his camera. Hopefully this jump starts your weekend plans to go on an adventure.

Nathan Pelletier Summer Edit

Brayden Rastad sent over this video he edited with footage of Nathan Pelletier riding Vancouver parks, and some street jibs from this spring/summer. Some good lines and well rounded riding from Nathan. Looking forward to seeing more from him in the future.

Antle Brothers

Newfoundland’s Ryan and Corey Antle coming in hot with this split brother edit. Clips from various Newf spots and skateparks. Last line was extra spicy.