Author name: Prashant Gopal

Union Press 4: R.I.P.

The fourth and final issue of Union Press is finally complete and now available. Those that aren’t familiar, Union Press is a Canadian BMX newspaper with photos, profiles, stories, and drawings by Brad Hill and Prashant Gopal (myself). After a few hiccups with printing, we’ve finally finished our latest issue, which will also be the …

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Oh Canada Flatland

Two flatland posts in the span of a week? Crazy I know, but I spotted this video on and it definitely warranted a post. Eric Otto put together a compilation of all the Canadian riders that showed up the the AM Flat Tuner Evolution contest from earlier this fall in Philadelphia. This video is …

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Please Hango, Don’t Hurt ‘Em

Damn. Chalk up another crazy video this week from the west coast. Jordan Hango pedals full speed at spots all over Vancouver in this one for Fit. Too many wild moves in this to start listing them out. Extra points for the use of an instrumental Beastie Boys track.