Author: Joel Fortin

29 Aug Hidden Gems 2018 Winners!

Wow what a contest! We’re completely blown away by the amount of amazing edits you guys sent through.
For us, the best part about organizing an event like this is seeing all of the amazing talent that Canadian bmx has to offer. And you guys did not disappoint! After some careful reviewing our judges agreed on the top 3. Here are the results.

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02 Aug Jeffrey Lapointe 2017

Jeff has been steady killing it under the radar for a bit now.  Here’s some 2017 footage that finally hit the internet. A young Jeff takes down some hefty setups for a 14 year old. A good mix of rails, roofs, drops, gaps, and tech maneuvers for good measure.

Film/Edit: Jeff Lapointe, Brandon Kennedy, Carder Lake

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15 Jul Justin Schwanke – Citified

Our very own Justin Schwanke has been hard at work on a new full length DVD in Edmonton.
He’s clearly been stacking because he managed to put together this edit consisting of his extras from the project.

Read the full story about how the dvd project came to be on DIG

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24 Jun Justin Hughes in Israel

Justin spent a few weeks traveling around Israel last year with Boris Tchoumakov and filmed this amazing video along the way.
Dude is way too good and it looks like they found some amazing spots during their trip.

Filmed by Boris and Edited by Vlad P.

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10 Jun BMXFU – FU666

Finally online for the world to see, the sixth instalment of the bmxfu videos. Well worth the wait!
Full sections from- Eli Taylor 0:00 Ride2dis 2:55 B-Cave 6:38 Shawn Swain 10:50 Charlie Crumlish 15:16 Toot Toot 18:37 Greg D’Amico 23:16 Chris Orbell 25:27 Super Hoerdt Bros 28:00 Team Booze 30:51 Craig Passero 34:40 Cat’s Dicks 36:22 Cory Beal/Chijioke Okafo 39:40 Lee Dennis 41:17 Cuz Im a Rider 42:52 Jake Montgomery 47:45 Greg Henry 49:21 Dan Cauchi 53:14 Jordan Dwan 57:35

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