Author: Jeremy Deme


If your anywhere near Vancouver island or the wet coast in general, check out the Gorilla Jam going down this weekend in Victoria, BC. Saturday is the main day and it’s going down at the Vic West park. Ape it up.

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06 Apr Igloo Sesh

Igloo Sesh with Matt Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci, Kurt Murseli and Ras Gravesen. Anyone who has ever riden here knows how tight it is, Ghetto Mansion kills the place.

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04 Apr 100 Posts!

We just realized that today’s random photo of Luke Santucci was actually our 100th post! On behalf of everyone here at Embassy thank you for all the support so far! We have big plans for 2011 so keep checking back. Don’t forget that we are always accepting submissions, ideas, or anything else you have in mind, just hit us up at . Also check back for details on new Embassy stickers we should have real soon. Thanks!

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03 Apr Random Photo: Luke Santucci

Luke was in Cali for the past couple of months escaping the Edmonton winter. He’s been in Van this past week chilling before heading back to Edmonton. Here’s a downwhip picture taken while out in Cali.

Photo by Taylor Elvy

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01 Apr James Barton Interview

After watching expert footage from Notro this year, it was clear to me that James Barton shreds hard. We hit him up with some questions shortly after Notro but held pack on posting this because he ended up having an interview on Sour Fever the day we were going to post this up haha. Check this out to learn a bit about James Barton, a name you’ll likely hear quite a bit over the next few years.

Photos by Brad HillĀ  (thanks Bobby)

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28 Mar Jeff Evans Edit

I’m super stoked on this edit, you’ll need to watch this edit at least 4-5 times to realize what side is Jeff’s “reg” and “oppo” sides (for the record his reg side is the right side). This edit was filmed over a month’s time, Jeff Evans kills it hard.

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