Author: Jeremy Deme

14 Nov Panono throwable panoramic ball camera

For any video nerds out there (like myself) this is pretty interesting. The throwable, panoramic, ball camera by Panono. Although it’s kind of pricey at $600, it’s a really cool concept. Imagine the train pictures you could get at the trails with this bad boy. Click here for more info.

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05 Nov Imported at Pepsi Pro AM MTL by Vlad Poloukhine

Vlad at Imported put together this dope edit from the 2013 Pepsi pro Am in Montreal that went down a couple weekends ago. Lots of shredding from a bunch of MTl locals check it out.

“This is the 1st video from Pepsi pro am contest that happened in Montreal at Le Taz skatepark. Justin had a pretty bad faceplant during the practices so he wasn’t able to ride in Qualifiers . DIllon got 2nd and Jord got 4th place. Dave and Carlos were on the podium for am.There will be another edit with all other highlights.” Vlad

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The bys in Newfoundland come through with the latest ANTLIFE edit, amazing riding and filming. Featuring Phil Bartlett, Paul Pike, Jon Fennelly, Blair Pennell, Bob Osmond, and Sean Slade.

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02 Nov Mitch Anderson – Let’s Get Fistical

The part that really shuts down Let’s get Fistical, Mitch has been shredding Prince Albert, SK for a long time now. His handplant over the horse remains one of the most ridiculous/incredible things to happen on a bmx in Canada ever.

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30 Oct La Belle Province – Etienne Charlebois & Sebastien Babineau

Some heat coming from la belle province today starting with Montreal’s Etienne Charlebois. Etienne is constantly searching for new spots mtl and this edit is proof. Lots of unique stuff in here, you can tell Etienne has an eye for spots and different tricks than most. Filmed beautifully by Camilo Lapointe-Nascimento, the shot at 2:46 is one of the nicest clips I’ve seen in a long time. (make sure to click HD)

Sebastien Babineau is a legend in Quebec, he’s been shredding for years now. Although the edit starts up a little slow, it quickly picks up with typical Babineau roof drops and lots more crazy shit.

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22 Oct Fit DVD – Jordan Hango

This is going to be crazy, Vancouver’s Jordan Hango has one of the most banging clips in this Fit DVD trailer. Really excited to see Hango’s full video part. Other highlights include Justin Inman’s ridiculous 360 table and Ben Lewis’ Greg Flagish gaze/eyes at 1:13.

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