Author: Jeremy Deme

05 Dec Brandon Van Dulken – 2013

Brandon Van Dulken has really been making a name for himself internationally this past year. For good reason, he rides fast, blasts everything and is smooth as hell. Filmed throughout Australia, Western Canada and Woodward West.

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03 Dec Throwback Pic – Jay Miron


Any Canadian who has actually rode BMX knows that Jay Miron is a legend. For those of us who live in the eastern half of Canada, every spring he gave us an amazing indoor contest to ride and watch some of the best riders in the world, also known as Metro Jams. From Road Fools 5, insane video parts, to Elevation, Jay had a huge impact in BMX in Canada. As much as BMX is being pushed year after year and will evolve with time, things like this boost and the 540, the gap to rail at McGill, the double flip, and more will always be historical and relevant in BMX.

Read on to see the picture of the 540 he also did in the deep end of the Hastings bowl and to see his last full video part which had a few epic last clips that I strongly doubt anyone will ever come close to, ever. As much as Jay has been known to be outspoken in his ideals and beliefs, his riding has always spoken louder and his contributions to furthering BMX in Canada (and globally) cannot be ignored. Long live the Canadian Beast.

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02 Dec You Get What We Got – Sudbury Bmx – Part 2

Part two of Sudbury bmx’s ‘You Get What We Got’ featuring a split part from Matt Rantala and Ky Brisebois, Mat Demore section and a Friends section. Lots of good stuff in this and keep posted for the last section next week with banger sections from Kyle Lafleur and Ryan Eles.

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02 Dec Mathieu Gibeault Demo Reel

Mathieu Gibeault has strong roots in the early Quebec BMX scene. Although he’s not filming much BMX these days, Mathieu is a rad dude and this demo reel is much more interesting that most. If you’re into film or snowboarding at all, check his site here for a bunch more work from Matt.

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28 Nov Chris Silva MCNLBC Remix

Here’s the Chris Silva MCNLBC remix edit, since Youtube and Vimeo had some issues with the original song, Zach Rampen re-edited the footage into this. Now if only it was crispy Hd footage right Silva?

“Chris Silva produced a ton of great stuff while he was down at our Long Beach house last year and his resulting edit got a ton of views. Unfortunately, using a Beatles track for it ruffled some feathers (legally) and it was recently taken down so we decided to put together a remix edit. Press play and watch Silva rip some pegless moves all over the LBC.” – MacNeil Bikes

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