Author: Jeremy Deme

03 Jan Stay For 2014 by Kerr Bilsland

Kerr put together another dope Victoria edit and wrote this which couldn’t describe it better:

“I haven’t put out a BMX video in quite a while now, truthfully I haven’t felt much like posting any videos. These last couple weeks I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic and been thinking a lot about this past year. Victoria’s lost a lot of riders this year, it’s weird going to the park and not being able to ride with people you’ve become good friends with and known for a while. There’s a few of us still out here though and with the recent revival of One Six there’s a tonne of kids on BMX’s at VW which I haven’t seen since I started coming to Victoria. Earlier in December (on Mason Prouse’s birthday) a few of us met up at to ride the One six ramp since the weather had been shit. The session got pretty heavy so I pulled out the camera and we banged this out. I have a few other videos saved up that I’ll be dropping over the next few weeks, 2013 was sick but 2014’s going to be even better, StreetJingle Vol 1’s almost done but I could always use more footage so anyone that’s been itching to film or just ride Vics street get at me. Thanks to my friends for making this year the best yet….Stay for 2014.” – Kerr Bilsland

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18 Dec Montreal

Some older Montreal footy (2011) featuring the mtl guys you can never see enough footage of, Mike Cardin, Corey Dewey and Mike Fiz. Filmed and Edited by Pierre Gauthier.

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18 Dec Kyle Lee by Shawn Duffield

In an age where every kid can barspin and tailwhip, riders like Kyle Lee are far and between. Kyle can blast like nobody’s business and has a style that will never die. Filmed and edited by Shawn Duffield.

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12 Dec EMBASSY EDIT: Colton Ponto by Jared Chilko

Christmas is coming early here at Northern Embassy, and we’ve got a few banging things lined up for the next couple weeks starting with this crazy edit of Colton Ponto by Jared Chilko.

“This was filmed in Edmonton over the coarse of summer/fall 2013. Colton had a list of spots and tricks he methodically set out to hit/do. He’d basically have a game plan every time we met up to film. This really kept things on track and was different than the ‘wing it’ norm I was used to. Colton is a pegless grind guru and really put his pedals and axles to good use this summer in all kinds of switch and opposite variations. Hit play.”
– Jared

Film/Edit: Jared Chilko
Letters: Colton Ponto
Track: Gold in the Yard – Fulmarine Petrels

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12 Dec Spencer Ryan

I think the best way to describe Spencer’s riding is buck nutty nuts. I’ll let this edit support that statement, Spencer shreds.

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09 Dec Colin ‘N Franz: Embassy 2013 Edit

Matt Perrin hooked up this beauty of an edit featuring a couple of Winnipeg’s finest, Colin Thiessen, Shawn Franz and friends.

“Colin Thiessen and Shawn Franz have been riding hard all year round and this is what I was lucky enough to capture of these two Winnipeg shredders! Colin is one steezy street rider and ramp destroyer who rides fast and keeps it simple. Franz has a deep bag of INSANELY technical tricks and lives up to his nick name ‘SHOWTIME’. Watch out for this guy next summer and give both of these guys a fist pound when you see them.”
– Matt Perrin

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08 Dec You Get What We Got – Sudbury Bmx – Part 3

If you’ve watched the last 2 sections of You Get What We Got, you won’t want to miss the 3rd and final section here featuring Kyle Lafleur, Ryan Eles, Zach Lacelle and finally the credits. These guys absolutely kill it. If you haven’t watched the 1st or section section, do yourself a favour and at least watch this one, a bunch of sick stuff form all 3 guys!!

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07 Dec Nick B – 2013

Ottawa’s Nick B. shredding the streets of Ottawa over the course of 2013. I guess Nick was dealing with some injuries over the year but you wouldn’t know it based on this footage.

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