Author: Jeremy Deme

07 Feb Kevin Gauci

Kevin Gauci is one of the unlucky dudes who are currently off the bike due to injury. Here are some clips Jack Leonard filmed of Kevin in London,ON before he messed up his knee. Alot of awesome/ original riding in here. Heal up for spring homie!

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04 Feb Chase Davidson Photography

Cory Wiergowski CDP

Chase Davidson had a busy 2013. Upon graduating, he drove/moved from Southern Ontario to just outside Vancouver BC, which apparently still wasn’t a big enough year for Chase as he then made the decision to move to Japan and work at the British Hills ski resort. Up until 2013 I knew Chase could kill it on a bike, what I didn’t know was how much he could kill it behind a lens. Chase has taken countless amazing pictures in the past couple years and he has graciously chosen some of his favorites to be featured on our site. Along with a short write up as to why each photo means so much to Chase, read on to see some amazing photos which will surely brighten your day.

“This is the first photo I ever had published in a magazine (DIG BMX Magazine March/April ’12 issue 87) and also the first time I’ve travelled by plane to stay with Detroit homies Cory Wiergowski and Nick Bullen at the scum house in Peoria, Arizona for three weeks. This photo is of Cory’s bike chillen in one of the many ditches we rode throughout my stay.”
– Chase Davidson

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04 Feb Battle of Alberta BMX weekend

boa  contest

Winter is long and shitty and Canada needs more events like this to get us through! The boys at BMX Gallery 4130 are putting on an amazing Albertan weekend of riding March 1st and 2nd. Day one featuring Three Hills Genesis Park and day two featuring Sylvan Lake Incline Industries Park. If you’re anywhere near Calgary, or just rad enough to make a trip out to this, you know it will be an awesome time. Keep posted on updates/news on the event via the BMX Gallery site.

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22 Jan Brandon Webster – Welcome to MacNeil

Brandon Webster is damn good. This edit was filmed within a few hours, in typical effortless Brandon fashion. This is daily Brandon riding and is a sign of what’s to come from him. Looking forward to seeing alot more from this kid.

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